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Starting out on June 10th 2016 in which is least that twenty four hours  counting down on Netflix is the brand new series  reboot from a 1980’s anime classic is “ DreamWorks- Voltron – Legendary Defender of the Universe” in which I once saw, watched frequently while in living in Hong Kong as well to the classic G-force in which has the same type of premise of an alien antagonist whom what’s to reclaim back lost grounds  what he lost long time ago in dominating the Universe as unknowingly a group over confident teenagers whom could figure out what they want in life, but found their cause when they find a colleague they knew whom seeking, sneaking out at night investigating out  in a Sherlock manner and investigating of some sort of signal that which leads to them to a vital clue of the first components of tiger or lion like vehicles on the scale wise like in Pacific Rim of that gigantic scale that once form its enormous assemble sizes topple even the tallest of buildings of today on Earth..

With ancient Voltron weaponry on their side the group whom pilot the large defender robot defends the freedom of humanities also its allies against a new threat that on coming.. I like this story-line; it’s intense in which shows how the group of misfit’s teenagers matures in becoming that very Voltron adventuring exploring within intuition as they fight the cause in which this series brought back so many Hong Kong New Territories moments in watching that classic on Hong Kong TVB on analogy television …. Starring: Steven Yeun, Jeremy Shada Tyler Labine……


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