LOCKHEED MARTIN | Directed energy defense- moving into the early 21st century…….

As defense systems moves towards away from the traditional Kinetic defense systems towards more of a cost effective platform… “Lockheed Martin” has been developing that next step evolution of defensive systems to cut cost on manufacturing physical Kinetic munitions… they been developing throughout the last forty years of direct energy platforms by complying laser beam incorporating a spectral systems …

With this in mind it does create first to call a direct defense system in which can be used in various situations of defending threats towards a ship, or a city a spacecraft in space or in an aerial combat field as it provides a instance accuracy as long there’s an ample of power to provide to fuel the direct energy defense systems with minimal time to waste…   as technology improves it could be used in a hand held version like in Star Trek like in Phasers in which is cost effective..

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