#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 #MTRHongKong | 她和他的第一句話 – The First Time They Spoke- a very cute #Anime ….



In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, among the million of passengers whom commute every day, every week, every month, year on the World leading MTR Hong Kong MTR system…. There’s was one scene in where there was two people meet together through the MTR Hong Kong App in which there was general mistakenly of indentions but  it work out together as newly young couple working out fine going through life together timelessly…

Another story develops on the Tsuen Wan to Hong Kong Central line in which this Cute Animie story plays in which basically as girl meet boy vice versa but longing for each other to the meet personally to have they first time that they spoke.. in which they first met at the Ngau Tau Kok Station, Mong Kok Station few other stations … in which they sometimes have miss opportunism in meeting each other at the right moment,  until that moment back to back each other they bump backwards together on the same train standing….  till they first spoke both “ Sorry didn’t do that deliberately” they blushed as they got together first time  with Chloe and Anson..

The Anime has some very hidden safety messages that says always stand behind the yellow line.. Always stand aside on the right or left of the elevator holding the hand rails also making sure that you pay attention to the people foot traffic ahead of you, and surrounding environment pay least attention to looking at your smart phone in being mindfully attentive to your environment… Also have your Octopus Card at the ready..  她和他的第一句話 The First Time They Spoke has a lot of the recently Japanese Anime Your Name animation premise to the Hong Kong storyline in which how these characters Chloe and Anson meet… in which to the real life action one in the previous story in which of the extra add features of the MTR Hong Kong Corporation’s Mobile Application with added eco-system features of finding your way around the MTR Hong Kong Transportation network..

Unique moments in time.

I was strolling down my subscriptions on You Tube  today just checking out events that was vlog on SDCC 2011 San Diego Comic Con 2011, just because I couldn’t make it there.  As I watching a few panels that  I miss,  I happen to come across to see a couple of awesome events of watching Girl meets Boy, or the other way around, they spent some time together and one’s pops the surprise cosplay question on Comic Con 2011 in San Diego. and the Girl say yes!

Captain America pops the question!

For Halo Shooter fans, this will definitely drop your sniper rifle, and give Master Chef a teary eye.