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  In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, During the month of September in two day event that was held in 11th Thursday 12th Friday.. at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in Admiralty…. it was the fourth InvestHK Hong Kong – Belt and Road Summit, in which over five thousand government officials and business leaders, …

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In Already Tomorrow in HongKong, during the November month of 2018, in which Cathay Pacific Airways held its International known Cathay Pacific twenty four hour Hackathon annual event in which select groups of applicants where given task in performing within twenty four hours in multiples of technological solutions within twenty four hours for the Travellers.. …

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  Current running In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, is at the Hong Kong Science Museum is Boeing’s Above and Beyond exhibition, in which features numerous aviation history  towards innovation in Aerospace industry from flying around Earth also outside this planet.. in which this Show Case Exhibition in featuring Boeing inspirations in which will inspired, …

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  As part of the twenty anniversary of Hong Kong as a Special Administration Region… there’s an exhibition that’s running in between 20th June to 30th November 2017 in which is Infinitely Hong Kong – Impression … in which is run by the City Gallery  sits in 3 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong (Next to …

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FIELDAYS | Mystery Creek – Hamilton New Zealand 2016………………………….

June 17, 2016

Fieldays at Mystery Creek, happen during the second weeks of June 15-18th  this year 2016  at Hamilton New Zealand… Driving south wise from Auckland was one wet morning as during the route of the journey, with periodically showers and rain along the way.. as the journey becomes closer towards mystery creek in finding Hamilton international Airport first then it leads down to the convention centre in which very secluded into a valley..  in which is full of tents of exhibitors showing the latest in farming equipment,  innovations, also business innovations as related to the industry..

Mystery Creek – Hamilton New Zealand 2016………………………….

Mystery Creek – Hamilton New Zealand 2016………………………….





It was interesting more from the last few years, as more ground to cover with the Tractor Derby as tractor drivers from all over town in trying to complete to see whom can pull towards the furthers with the massive weight in tow behind them….

This year it seeming it covered more ground wisely… as it extended more further back into more exhibitors with larger tents like the same type of extend exhibitor coverage like in Armageddon Auckland growing larger in its size.. As seen with more Tractors on the showgrounds than its peripheral products…  There was one thing less than from last years it was the housing construction market… Where this year there wasn’t much in showing show homes from different home construction companies…

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