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On days in between 18 October 2022  Towards  2nd November 2022國泰航空公司Cathay pacific . on Cyberport Day Cathay Hackathon 2022 was held this year in on the Year of the Tiger, in which at Hong Kong SAR, China, People’s Republic of China at Cathay Pacific City at Lantau Island International Airport, 8 Scenic Rd, Chek Lap Kok……..

In which there was 500 Applicants, 87 Teams Participated , 6 Partners to work together, with Nine Power Sessions in collaboration with Cyberport 18 October 2022 –Cyberport Day, On  19th October 2022 Smart  Airport city Authority Hong Kong,  in collaboration with AWS boot camp on the 24th October 2022, collaboration with Microsoft 25th October 2022 Microsoft Boot Camp, with HKSTP – Hong Kong Science Technology park 26th October HKSTP Day.  With Google 31st October 2022….  At Cathay in the Air on 1st November 2022, on the ground on 2nd November 2022….

Cathay #Hackathon: A futuristic journey of innovation and realization

Want to travel around the world with your pet? Need some advice about packing baggage? Aim at reducing food waste of airline meals? Young visionaries are here to revolutionize your journeys in the future!

Organised by Cathay, Hong Kong’s only aviation-themed Hackathon was successfully held. The aviation professionals from Cathay provided young technical talents with guidance grounded in real-world experiences to inspire a crop of innovative ideas and solutions to envisage the future in the sky!

As a digital leader, Cathay aims to connect our customers and the world to elevate everyone’s travel experience with modernized designs. With enormous digital capabilities, we provide thoughtful solutions in response to the needs of our customers. Every of their journeys is supplemented with modern customer care chat channels, a personalised booking flow as well as big data machine learning. From top to bottom, our strong digital culture enables us to keep up with digital trends up to the minute and generate leading-edge innovations one after another.

We are committed to creating competitive advantages to make Cathay a pioneer in the industry. As we transform our services into a seamless digital experience of contemporary and intuitive designs, we bring our customers on a simpler, easier and better journey as we fly higher and further in a brighter future.

Images and visuals are of Cathay pacific Airways..

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In Already Tomorrow in HongKong, during the November month of 2018, in which Cathay Pacific Airways held its International known Cathay Pacific twenty four hour Hackathon annual event in which select groups of applicants where given task in performing within twenty four hours in multiples of technological solutions within twenty four hours for the Travellers.. The groups in composite of many walks of life that forms the elite group of students, professionals, also experts whom share the same love, passion for technologies also finding solutions… Cathay Pacific Airways in collaboration with Cyberport with Hong Kong International Airport also with AWS

As hosting the event the three hundred was greet by Mr Paul Loo- Cathay Pacific’s Chief Customer and Commercial Officer among with Executive Director Engineering and Technology of Hong Kong Airport Authority with Mr. George Lam Chairman of Hong Kong Cyberport..

The Hackathon roles events was to ascertain in composting teams together of five members, in Product Master- Expertise in Business and Domain Knowledge , Designer – Expertise in UI/UX and graphical Design, Developer- Expertise in software and application development..  In which three hundred people attended in compose with mentors, coaches and volunteers..  In which they interact with the staff of the Airport Authority at the Hong Kong International Airport to understand the elements insightfully into passenger flow, touch points.. In which understanding Cabin insider every day understandings of empathy day in which learning teams went onwardly to work on innovative solutions… As taking a break in between is Yoga class to strengthen their refreshness in mind… As the night progress teams work onwardly till night finding that unique solutions…. In which leading towards the top four teams in streaming their ground breaking solutions pitching ideas towards final judging panel…  there was winners in three groups inbetween Professional, Student, also special Prizes..