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This one weekend, I was hoping to see the Martin Jet pack that was on show at the Cloud, down at the Queen’s Wharf,Auckland city viaduct wharf, New Zealand. Until I’ve got there I totally missed it, it was on the previous month. Until I’ve got there were other New Zealand innovations, which are breed out from design. design and breed out from Christchurch New Zealand.

One happens to be a bike with is electric powered. I’ve stumble the bike apond, after watching the large titan screen showing New Zealand’s innovation. When looking on to this I’ve notice it’s like riding in between the Segway and riding a bike, but even more elegant in traveling.

The Segway is an great personal mobile transportation device, but. Can you fold up one? And take it with you all around also too. Looking in between the Segway and the YikeBike, the YikeBike wins, it’s more practical, you could fold compacting and take it with you when not in use and fold it out when.

It has a range of estimated of ten Kilometers, maximum velocity of 23 Km/hr,  time to charge is 55 minutes depends on optional battery packages.  It also have lighting for safety in mind to let others know that your there.  The range of travel is also dependent of the battery capacity option that you chose. There are two series the Fusion, and the Carbon. The Carbon happens to be all carbon fiber composites, and the Fusion is a combination of Aluminum and Composites materials.  Compact wise when fold it comes to 43 liters, and runs on electric brushes DC motor, with the engine power of 450 watts.

It comes in different colors, but you could have the option of having your different designs imprinted on the bike itself.

For more information on the YikeBike.

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