“it’s all about Mona Sax” – Max Payne

Max payne 3 is about to due soon in next year, on the month of march 2012. Max in this case doesn’t seems what he is today, he’s in a different city this time unlike his previous residental address New York. Plus he’s no longer a police officer either, he’s a hire investagor in Sao Paulo, Brazil it’s been twelve years, Mona Sax is his ever so his constant haunt on his thoughts.  He’s even more rougher physically than his cleaner New York past.

He drinks alot now these days still bitter over the death of his lone gunner temptress,  Mona, in the last episode.  he’s even put on weight, food must be that good, even though he’s buff up much more that the last  two episodes where Max looks more like a middle class suburban wall street exec with a few interesting acessories to keep him going like popping pills to amp his life up to kill the pain as he faces the onsaught of thugs that lies ahead of him.

The  third episode it kept up it’s dark alley mood, as a graphic comic. it’s brighter, than dark, the weather change instead of the rained out New York something like that to of a Brazilian sun bathing of Sao Paulo. The fire fight of gun fights of folly of bullets is signatured into the third episode , pretty much for bullet time, with that in mind it gives you the advantage of shooting thugs even more timey fashion.  As ever so with Max, it’s always about the the girl but with his trailer, who is this girl wearing a red dress that Max is investigating, is it Mona’s that’s the Colour that Mona wears. Is it her who may have survived the fire and being shot in the last episode in New York back derilict streets.

Produce by Rockstar Games, episode one and two are also co-produced by Remedy, episode three is produced by Rockstar Games.  The game is runs on PC, XBox consoles and Playstation.

Max Payne – episode one

Max Payne – episode two- The fall of Max Payne.

Max Payne 3 – to view the trailer for the third episode is on Rockstar games website.

As to say Max Payne 3 is coming out on 15th May 2012- with more on the offical game trailer launch it gets darker than the last two.

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