#StarTrek #Discovery | Main opening Tittle Thematic sequence score…


As Star Trek Discovery airs tonight in between 24th and 25th September 2017 in between with Netflix also CBS All access.. As its tells story of crew of the USS Shenzhou also USS Discovery in which pre-set a decade ago when Captain James T.Kirk takes command of the least 50 years old USS Enterprise..  The storyline is centric between two leading characters also within its crews of two ships- centric wise it’s between the relationships between the Veteran Shenzhou Captain Philippa Georgiou- Michelle Yeoh also her commanding first officer Michael BurnhamSonequa Martin-Green  in which focus on her storyline with the previously introduction of the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth Sarek as her Adoptive father, she is also the Adopt sister towards Spock and Sybok..

In this Star Trek Discovery – Main title Sequence theme tune plays tribute towards The Original Series score… In which it hidden tones has the orchestras plays also tributes to the other series..  among towards the visually themes it remind me of the illustrated inspirational Starship sketches themes at was featured like of in the recreation hall on deck six on the Constitution class retrofitted USS Enterprise as it was shown in motion picture also as to the NX 01 Enterprise….

As the theme played, It illustrates with the newly found return to confrontation with the Klingon Empire, in which previously conflicts with the United Federation of Planets with Roluman Star Empire.. as both fronts regroup from a massive battlement in which this series focus more into the Klingon empire as its previously fragmentised with all the separated houses also the different variant ethnics Klingon home world..  The other various themes is the evolution technologies of pre constitution class also Kirk’s time…

#STARTREK #DISCOVERY | #Netflix – Acpella- fans recreate #TOS- The Original Theme Song…

In which just before is set to screen in 24th September 2017-   fans recreated singingly the iconic theme tune opening of Star Trek The Original Series in which set off the president for other series that followed through into the current reboot film series.. in which they singing with great cheerfulness ….

On 24th September 2017, Star Trek Discovery is set to screen on CBS All access- Netflix, in which is set to be time frame located ten years before Captain James T. Kirk set to command the least than 50 year old Constitution Class Starship… In which this is the prelude in which it show more of the Ambassador Spock’s family side of the story, in which he has brother Sybok also an adopted sister- Michael Burnham – Sonequa Martin-Green, whom was adopted by Spock’s Father Ambassador Sarek, whom is the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth- in which the storyline focus more of her life also her Captain Philippa Georgiou- Michelle Yeoh as to the Crew of the USS Shenzhou..

#STARTREKONLINE | 星座- After the Constitution – The #Constellation Class – A summary

When you look at the “Constellation class”…. It has very unique hull design with a heavy decked saucer hull with massive multiple decks of fifteen… also with a unique engineering section as well have four warp nacelles with dual photon torpedo bays on top and bottom with dual impulse engines at rear with multiple cargo bays.. To scale the constellation class is 310 meters long about the putting itself in the Constitution and intrepid class length range…  that’s roughly about the size length height of Auckland Sky Tower..

The Constellation Class program was name after Commodore Mathew Decker’s Ship, USS Constellation. In which was destroyed in the year 2267 with the Doomsday Machine… the service of the Constellation class dates back to the year 2280’s to the 25th century…. Also still in-service with that servicement, it’s also Captain Jean Luc Picard’s first command USS Stargazer NCC-2893… Just before he command both USS Enterprise’s NCC 1701- D towards the Enterprise E…

#STARTREK | #Ubisoft #VR – Star Trek – Bridge Crew- you either take or par take command of your Starship………………….


As you play on Star Trek online, then also you might want to try out Star Trek-Bridge Crew as the next level of interactive immersive of putting yourself out there with along with other friends to command a Kelvin timeline class StarShip USS Aegis or in the original Bridge of the original Constitution Class StarShip the USS Enterprise..  As you take part taking in becoming in assigning with different operations role of the Starship along with your friends with a virtual reality head set that’s played on PlayStation four ‘s VR, HTC Vivo or  the  Oculus Rift VR headsets.. As it released out on the 30th June 2017, by developer Red Storm Entertainment in collaboration with Ubisoft

As you and your friends, partake as officers on the Bridge with various operations role to perform to in which each collaborative decisions that you take together in determine the fate of the outcome with your ship as you progressively explore the Milk Way.. As Starfleet dispatches your crew, with the USS Aegis to a unexplored section of space, that unexplorationary section is call the Trench.. Beautiful the section of that unexplorationary of space is… There’s something not right in that sector as you begin to charted that unknown section… … Within it there are the elements of Klingon’s,  in which you determine to make peace or break in order to secure the location for the United Federation of Planets claim to the unexplored section of space.. ..

There are many interesting elements to Star Trek –Bridge Crew.. you face various depending situations that you undertake with your friends, that each operation that you take as that officer making critical choices socially together has you operate on your station in keeping your ship, as you take commands decisions with your chosen captain out from your group. The VR environments is immersive detailing rich as you can play either gender roles as a female or male officer with the fitting uniform of that time like a another version of Star Trek Online with the basics of a MMORPG also without it’s complexities…..