#StarTrek #Discovery | Main opening Tittle Thematic sequence score…


As Star Trek Discovery airs tonight in between 24th and 25th September 2017 in between with Netflix also CBS All access.. As its tells story of crew of the USS Shenzhou also USS Discovery in which pre-set a decade ago when Captain James T.Kirk takes command of the least 50 years old USS Enterprise..  The storyline is centric between two leading characters also within its crews of two ships- centric wise it’s between the relationships between the Veteran Shenzhou Captain Philippa Georgiou- Michelle Yeoh also her commanding first officer Michael BurnhamSonequa Martin-Green  in which focus on her storyline with the previously introduction of the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth Sarek as her Adoptive father, she is also the Adopt sister towards Spock and Sybok..

In this Star Trek Discovery – Main title Sequence theme tune plays tribute towards The Original Series score… In which it hidden tones has the orchestras plays also tributes to the other series..  among towards the visually themes it remind me of the illustrated inspirational Starship sketches themes at was featured like of in the recreation hall on deck six on the Constitution class retrofitted USS Enterprise as it was shown in motion picture also as to the NX 01 Enterprise….

As the theme played, It illustrates with the newly found return to confrontation with the Klingon Empire, in which previously conflicts with the United Federation of Planets with Roluman Star Empire.. as both fronts regroup from a massive battlement in which this series focus more into the Klingon empire as its previously fragmentised with all the separated houses also the different variant ethnics Klingon home world..  The other various themes is the evolution technologies of pre constitution class also Kirk’s time…

#STARTREK #DISCOVERY | #Netflix – Acpella- fans recreate #TOS- The Original Theme Song…

In which just before is set to screen in 24th September 2017-   fans recreated singingly the iconic theme tune opening of Star Trek The Original Series in which set off the president for other series that followed through into the current reboot film series.. in which they singing with great cheerfulness ….

On 24th September 2017, Star Trek Discovery is set to screen on CBS All access- Netflix, in which is set to be time frame located ten years before Captain James T. Kirk set to command the least than 50 year old Constitution Class Starship… In which this is the prelude in which it show more of the Ambassador Spock’s family side of the story, in which he has brother Sybok also an adopted sister- Michael Burnham – Sonequa Martin-Green, whom was adopted by Spock’s Father Ambassador Sarek, whom is the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth- in which the storyline focus more of her life also her Captain Philippa Georgiou- Michelle Yeoh as to the Crew of the USS Shenzhou..

#SPACEX #NASA | #CRS-10 Falcon nine reusable first static tests firing from that Historical# NASAKSC Launch Pad 39A…….


As “Space X- Falcon nine Reusable” is set to return to launch on 18th February 2017, with the return to resupply the International Space Station with the CRS-10 Tenth mission of the Cargo Resupply Servicing number ten…. In preparation for the return to service mission it’s launched from one of the most iconic NASA’s Launch Pads in Space history, that very launch Pad in question is the soon to be remodeled, modified Space Launch Complex pad 39A the very one that seen the many launches from the Apollo Mission towards the Moon, among that it’s the STS- Space Transportation System- Space Shuttle seeing shuttles Columbia, Challenger, Atlantis, Discovery also Endeavor….

In preparations for the upcoming CRS-10 launch, numerous testing had to be done to check out any systems with its new historical launch platform modify for it’s used for the upcoming ultra and Heavy versions of Space X falcon nine variants.. one such testing is the Static test firing of the Falcon Nine’s reusable Merlin cluster Engines to see if all are in working order also its systems..  on 12th  February 2017…..

The Falcon nine reusable, including its CRS-10 payload assemble in the adjacent new constructed horizontal assembly building – HIF- Horizontal integration Facility nearby the SLC-39A is railway out to launch pad among too with the TE- Transporter Erector in the same traditional….. The launch window for CRS-10 is windowed for 1001 Hours morning Eastern Standard Time, in which is 1501 hours Greenwich Time with a ground landing this time instead of a drone ship landing…

For the first time…..first lanuches…

As the Space shuttle program draws to a close during this week on spending its last duration flight of 12 days in space in with the International Space station, and Atlantis ending the program on STS 135, ending a brilliant 30 years hard-working  programme in which could lasted a little bit longer, given that there was another vehicle emplaced from the last time Atlantis lands on that runway, for the very last time. on that note it’s also the Day when Apollo 11 landed on the moon.

One interesting thing watching the 30 years of the  Space Shuttle programme, is the televised shift from analogue to complete digital now viewed from the Cathode Ray Tube to the internet of watching it through NASA TV, via USTREAM.

Space Shuttle Enterprise OV 101– the sister that start in all.

Space Shuttle Columbia OV-102 STS 001

Space Shuttle Challenger OV-099 STS 006

Space Shuttle Discovery OV-102 STS 41-D- with an abort launch.

Space shuttle Atlantis OV-104– STS 51-J

Space Shuttle Endeavour OV-105 – STS 49