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As Star Trek Discovery airs tonight in between 24th and 25th September 2017 in between with Netflix also CBS All access.. As its tells story of crew of the USS Shenzhou also USS Discovery in which pre-set a decade ago when Captain James T.Kirk takes command of the least 50 years old USS Enterprise..  The storyline is centric between two leading characters also within its crews of two ships- centric wise it’s between the relationships between the Veteran Shenzhou Captain Philippa Georgiou- Michelle Yeoh also her commanding first officer Michael BurnhamSonequa Martin-Green  in which focus on her storyline with the previously introduction of the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth Sarek as her Adoptive father, she is also the Adopt sister towards Spock and Sybok..

In this Star Trek Discovery – Main title Sequence theme tune plays tribute towards The Original Series score… In which it hidden tones has the orchestras plays also tributes to the other series..  among towards the visually themes it remind me of the illustrated inspirational Starship sketches themes at was featured like of in the recreation hall on deck six on the Constitution class retrofitted USS Enterprise as it was shown in motion picture also as to the NX 01 Enterprise….

As the theme played, It illustrates with the newly found return to confrontation with the Klingon Empire, in which previously conflicts with the United Federation of Planets with Roluman Star Empire.. as both fronts regroup from a massive battlement in which this series focus more into the Klingon empire as its previously fragmentised with all the separated houses also the different variant ethnics Klingon home world..  The other various themes is the evolution technologies of pre constitution class also Kirk’s time…

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