#STARTREK #DISCOVERY | #Netflix – Acpella- fans recreate #TOS- The Original Theme Song…

In which just before is set to screen in 24th September 2017-   fans recreated singingly the iconic theme tune opening of Star Trek The Original Series in which set off the president for other series that followed through into the current reboot film series.. in which they singing with great cheerfulness ….

On 24th September 2017, Star Trek Discovery is set to screen on CBS All access- Netflix, in which is set to be time frame located ten years before Captain James T. Kirk set to command the least than 50 year old Constitution Class Starship… In which this is the prelude in which it show more of the Ambassador Spock’s family side of the story, in which he has brother Sybok also an adopted sister- Michael Burnham – Sonequa Martin-Green, whom was adopted by Spock’s Father Ambassador Sarek, whom is the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth- in which the storyline focus more of her life also her Captain Philippa Georgiou- Michelle Yeoh as to the Crew of the USS Shenzhou..

STAR TREK ONLINE | The #STARTREK Temporal Summary timeline – one infographics that you need to digest…

STAR TREK ONLINE | Star Trek - Temporal Summary timeline
STAR TREK ONLINE | Star Trek – Temporal Summary timeline

Given that you’ve being living, or reliving on “Star Trek Online” then this awesome Temporal Summary infographic is one of the best so far, of explaining the various storylines, the stories Arcs, from various aspects of movies and Episodes of Star Trek that inspired the progressive events that you live in from the batten Earth of 2063 with the Zehram Cochrane of a heavy modified Titian Two Nuclear Missile converted into Earth’s first warp Ship naming the Phoenix with the Vulcan accepting that the Humans are already becoming that species , from that point of becoming with greatness in eventuality into founding the United Federation of Planets with the Captain Archer as the Co-founders…

The “Star Trek Online-Temporal Summary” shows two timelines where in the Original Prime Universe towards a point in time on a time reference with the Borg type Roluman massive freighter namely Narada, with Team Nero enters the scene in search for Ambassador Spock, in the year 2233 where he destroys a ship USS Kelvin, in creating an alternative timeline reality- The Kelvin Timeline named with  those two timelines converging in the year 2409 in where you’re currently living in when you’re starting off in your career in either faction of your choosing Federation, Klingon or Roluman affiliated factions..

Also the Temporal infographics, is colour co-ordinate in representing the various series from Star trek-Enterprise-Red, The original Series-purple, The Next Generation-Teal, Deep Space Nine- Green,  as to the Adventures of USS Voyager –Amberic yellow…  through is the Kelvin timeline in blue..  Throughout the whole events is the one you encounter is the one you live in year 2409,- White, experiencing, living the whole of the two timelines as it converges in that year….. The Original Prime Universe also The Kelvin Timeline

The science officers look…?

The science officers departmental colour is blue, within the Starfleet command discipline, also that colour has continue to the beyond the twenty fourth century, up to the point where the timeline where the USS Enterprise J, an Universe Class, relativity known as a Time ship also, as it was feature in a few episodes of Star Trek- Enterprise, between the incursion of the Temporal war.  As for the Star trek- into darkness movie, that Doctor Carol Marcus, and Commander Spock, is blue dress or shirt.

On star trek online is also the same colour departmental discipline, but then again ingame you decide what colour of what uniform customisation that you, your character like to wear.

How to get this look..?

The Doctor Carol Marcus look..

The Doctor Carol Marcus look..

As for the Commander Spock look….

an unexpected past awaits – Khan Noonien Singh.

On the week of Stardate 8130.3 the USS Enterprise NCC 1701,  is embarking on a three week training course, under the command of Captain Spock, on the same week it was Admiral James T. Kirk‘s birthday, as he feels his time is almost up, but it’s it?, his wife Carol Marcus reminds him that being 52 is his prime of his youth.   The two make their way via travel pod with Commander Scott to give the general exterior inspection of the ship, as his Predecessor did Captain Archer in the Enterprise seriesBroken Bow” and onwards as the two inspects the repairs, the refitting, the upgrades they make it to the neck docking port side to dock of the torpedo bay deck to finalised the inspection interiors before the week that become.

Done by – mylex67- youtube.


Just to start of the series of the Star Trek clip of the week, is the launch of the USS Enterprise of the motion picture after a very long while of service of the favourite ionic constitution class design, after stardate 5928.5 the “Turnabout Intruder” incident, and head for the San Francisco orbital dry dock and under goes a major refitting process, under the watchful eye of Captain Montgomery Scott, and the newly in waiting Captain William Decker and Captain Spock in placement of Admiral/Captain James T. Kirk heads of to take up an appointment of at Starfleet Academy,  and decides to live nearby at San Francisco.

On Stardate 7412.6 the newly constructed retrofitted USS Enterprise, still semi systems untested, with the old Enterprise crew reassembled   heads of to an incident that conclusionally heading towards the Sol System and sector, after when three Klingon K’t’inga Class retrofitted versions of the D7 class, was destroyed after a intelligences communications pickup feed from Starfleet’s Epsilon 9 station which the succumbed to a massive tubular organic machine vessel named V’Ger heading towards Earth at warp 7.

Leaving drydock-star trek remake-the motion picture, – brilliantly done by- VideoSpaceFX