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中国空间站On 17th Friday September, 2021, at Hong Kong SAR – Beijing Time  morning, the Belt and Road Initiative CNSA –China National Space Administration  CSS China Space Station in which on a three month setting up a new home of the first three Shenzhou 12 crew Takionauts –Chinese Astronauts Nie Haisheng – Liu Boming – Tang Hongbo returned home from their second home landing on safely at Dongfeng Aerospace City district in which landing at Inner Mongolia Region of China – People’s Republic of China…..  

Senior Colonel People’s Liberation Army Takionaut Corps (PLAAC) Taikonaut. Shenzhou 12 Takionaut Tang Hongbo: Reading makes me more powerful in the face of difficulties……From the boy in the Xiangtan countryside who grew up playing with mud to the heroic astronaut on a “space trip”, books make Tang Hongbo more powerful in the face of difficulties. During the 90-day duration mission in the first staging of the construction of Tiangong – China Space Station at the Tianhe core module  trip in space, he was accompanied by books, and his life was full and abundant.

Tang Hongbo, male, Han nationality, born in October 1975, native of Xiangtan, Hunan, member of the Communist Party of China, master’s degree. He joined the army in September 1995 and joined the Communist Party of China in April 1997. He used to be the captain of a certain regiment of a certain division of the Air Force Aviation Corps. He flew safely for 1159 hours and was rated as a first-class pilot of the Air Force. In May 2010, he was selected as the second batch of astronauts in China. In May 2016, he was selected as a backup astronaut for the Shenzhou 11 mission. In December 2019, he was selected as the crew of the Shenzhou 12 mission.

He is now a second-level Takionaut of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Astronaut Brigade, with the rank of colonel..

On June 17, 2021, the Long March 2F Yao 12 carrier rocket carrying the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft was ignited and launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. At 14:57 on July 4, 2021, Beijing time, after about 7 hours of out-of-vehicle activities, the crew of Shenzhou-12 astronauts cooperated closely and successfully completed all the scheduled tasks during the out-of-vehicle activities. Takionauts Liu Boming, Tang Hongbo’s safe return to the core module of Tianhe marks the complete success of the first outing of astronauts in China’s space station phase.  At about 13:30 on September 17, after the thrust reverser engine of the re-entry module of the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft was successfully ignited, it landed safely in the predetermined area of ​​the Dongfeng landing site.

On November 23, 2021, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council, and the Central Military Commission awarded Tang Hongbo the honorary title of “Heroic Takionaut” and awarded the “Three-Class Aerospace Merit Medal 

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STAR TREK ONLINE | The #STARTREK Temporal Summary timeline – one infographics that you need to digest…

STAR TREK ONLINE | Star Trek - Temporal Summary timeline
STAR TREK ONLINE | Star Trek – Temporal Summary timeline

Given that you’ve being living, or reliving on “Star Trek Online” then this awesome Temporal Summary infographic is one of the best so far, of explaining the various storylines, the stories Arcs, from various aspects of movies and Episodes of Star Trek that inspired the progressive events that you live in from the batten Earth of 2063 with the Zehram Cochrane of a heavy modified Titian Two Nuclear Missile converted into Earth’s first warp Ship naming the Phoenix with the Vulcan accepting that the Humans are already becoming that species , from that point of becoming with greatness in eventuality into founding the United Federation of Planets with the Captain Archer as the Co-founders…

The “Star Trek Online-Temporal Summary” shows two timelines where in the Original Prime Universe towards a point in time on a time reference with the Borg type Roluman massive freighter namely Narada, with Team Nero enters the scene in search for Ambassador Spock, in the year 2233 where he destroys a ship USS Kelvin, in creating an alternative timeline reality- The Kelvin Timeline named with  those two timelines converging in the year 2409 in where you’re currently living in when you’re starting off in your career in either faction of your choosing Federation, Klingon or Roluman affiliated factions..

Also the Temporal infographics, is colour co-ordinate in representing the various series from Star trek-Enterprise-Red, The original Series-purple, The Next Generation-Teal, Deep Space Nine- Green,  as to the Adventures of USS Voyager –Amberic yellow…  through is the Kelvin timeline in blue..  Throughout the whole events is the one you encounter is the one you live in year 2409,- White, experiencing, living the whole of the two timelines as it converges in that year….. The Original Prime Universe also The Kelvin Timeline

DOCTOR WHO | The female Doctor – family heirlooms….

On the planet Karn.. that Chamber that Eighth once was in… it’s has treasured family heirlooms…………………..


So his name is the Doctor, The Doctor the name that he gave himself, or others gave it to him, as her eyes begin to water, found him… last, but does she know that’s he’s dead.. That my husband needs just one regeneration that’s it, in which bottle contained the source Exlir, that was in my family before the republic.. “That belongs to you doesn’t it… “Ohila said comforting to the fact she sense by tears on the other side of the portal.. “ ….That was stolen from your family, it’s imperial family property.. isn’t” think she starting to know that the taste in the frozen air was my Husband whom call himself the Doctor.. ‘Yes.. It was stolen; it was a family heirloom before the republic… “Ohila replied back.. “ was a lot things that was stolen when Galifery became a republic.. “And looking at that golden ambering Exlir in that bottle was once in your family’s household that was one of them… as we took exile in the time of before the time war…


DOCTOR WHO | The female Doctor – is it him she though……………………..

A lost found on is about to be exchange in that eighth cave chamber in Karn……………………………..



The young Ghostly Girl, the image of her, “Who’s the Doctor..?” replied back to Ohila as the expression of her eyes talked.. In wondering if she’s a Thief or not since she’s knows of what to look for.. But something else that came into the taste of holding the ghostly girl image wrist.. Something older.. Someone older, that she’s is older than her.. like she’s from Galifery’s royal golden past, before it became a republic then that followed years later into the messy hell of  time war with the Daleks among with all other species in the universe…. Having sense her more, older than she is, thinking she’s from a time when the Time lords at the time of traveling into other universes, where TARDIS’s were widely used until that day when Galifery became a republic……  having sensing her more… there was a little boy, lost with her, in the cloisters tunnel networks.. The Doctor spoke to Clara about the time he was lost with a girl, a princess in which the Galiferyian King was seeking them out in finding his only daughter and the boy whom got them both lost then both found themselves ….. Found after he listens to the Cloisters whom spoke to him to how to find the way, out also losing one of the Galifery’s moon as Ohila explained in the exchanged between the ghostly figure and her…. As they exchanges experiences in between both…. She realized something.. that taste with a slight trace of the eighth in the frozen air she’s created around… It’s her… The little girl so you might know where the Doctor is, your imperial highness you know where he is as those words echo back into the ghostly girl… Those words echo back as her eyes shock that she’s been found.. they know who she is, and the dead guy whom she was trying to save it’s him the little boy whom help her out be found out from those tunnels to her parents…….  It’s him as her eyes over the other side as she teared in a joy, it’s her husband lost long time ago…… but his name wasn’t the name that he, or gave they known as The Doctor…………………..




DOCTOR WHO | The female Doctor – revisiting that cave chamber on Karn……..

That Cold spot in chamber that eighth was on  Karn………………………………


Walking out from the great Hall, then through several cave like corridors…. In finding, tasting, sensing that something old is around in the air, much very ancient than she is but older but younger older… but something that old taste in the air of that coldness  like that time when that ship crashed during the time war.. Where this air tastes like that night when eighth was here in that cave like room but this air taste different like someone else is here also within that taste… who is the person, with this older taste in this unusually coldness air …..

Having, walking towards that cave where Eighth became the warrior… Finding a white glow from a disc like portal, finding and white Halo image of an image of a young girl whom, in trying to find something like an image of that person. From a distant afar looking her … But..  how… Looking at the image… Looks like it finally found what it’s after find a bottles of various liquids… Having studying it closer as the cave becomes iced, freezing cold… As Ohila, moved closer, noticing a symbol of old, highlighted on the EVA suit.. As Ohila looked, closer of the outline of the circular symbol, that symbol from times past, that Ancient dangerous symbol…