Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

A lost found on is about to be exchange in that eighth cave chamber in Karn……………………………..



The young Ghostly Girl, the image of her, “Who’s the Doctor..?” replied back to Ohila as the expression of her eyes talked.. In wondering if she’s a Thief or not since she’s knows of what to look for.. But something else that came into the taste of holding the ghostly girl image wrist.. Something older.. Someone older, that she’s is older than her.. like she’s from Galifery’s royal golden past, before it became a republic then that followed years later into the messy hell of  time war with the Daleks among with all other species in the universe…. Having sense her more, older than she is, thinking she’s from a time when the Time lords at the time of traveling into other universes, where TARDIS’s were widely used until that day when Galifery became a republic……  having sensing her more… there was a little boy, lost with her, in the cloisters tunnel networks.. The Doctor spoke to Clara about the time he was lost with a girl, a princess in which the Galiferyian King was seeking them out in finding his only daughter and the boy whom got them both lost then both found themselves ….. Found after he listens to the Cloisters whom spoke to him to how to find the way, out also losing one of the Galifery’s moon as Ohila explained in the exchanged between the ghostly figure and her…. As they exchanges experiences in between both…. She realized something.. that taste with a slight trace of the eighth in the frozen air she’s created around… It’s her… The little girl so you might know where the Doctor is, your imperial highness you know where he is as those words echo back into the ghostly girl… Those words echo back as her eyes shock that she’s been found.. they know who she is, and the dead guy whom she was trying to save it’s him the little boy whom help her out be found out from those tunnels to her parents…….  It’s him as her eyes over the other side as she teared in a joy, it’s her husband lost long time ago…… but his name wasn’t the name that he, or gave they known as The Doctor…………………..




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