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When I walk past this very under used use section of Auckland, which is located in very Downtown Naval, There’s a section of Auckland, where it is still really need development, where it’s really sort off develop-ish. The place is where I’m talking about it, is the Queens Wharf,  previously a wharf, for shifting cargo containers from exports also imports, but released into the a space in which is used for the Ruby world cup to held in previous years. At the moment the Queens wharf is still very much under used, under developed as a site akin to the Sydney opera house in Sydney.

At the moment currently it has a make shift convention tent like structure, known as the cloud,  and also a very vintage heritage shed.

My thoughts in redeveloping the Queens wharf into a 250 plus-ish meter contemporary long glass concrete white Maori Waka, with the mask of the Waka extending out to the Waitematā Harbour, with a view of the tail in which is call the Taurapa,  towering of 120 meters above the building hull structure.  As if the structure has beached on the Auckland harbour’s shore line digitally in structurally steel glass, also redevelopment extension of the Queens wharf docks into with a an extra 150 meters of an open classical contemporary greenery space area, also holding in the center where an open  circular civic theater like seen in pretty much in the days of roman times. With this in mind the whole docks would have to be reclaimed land giving the structure more future proofing support.


the rear end of the Waka, which is Know has the Taurapa, which makes a inspiring 150 meters viewing tower, to see the encompassing view of the harbour. also house small conventions centers. the bottom of the Waka housing a civic theater

This is how I seen it, the Taurapa section of the Waka, is a composition is an out and indoor viewing tower, with multiple open spaced glass floors, as exhibition areas, with a Maori teal cathedral glass design.  On below on the floor contains an open civic theater where performances can be played.

The main hull structure, itself where it contains the convention center, in cased in a concrete, digital wave, glass like opening, encasing totally shed ten cargo shed in which contains museum pieces of Auckland wharfing marine heritage, also Auckland’s central business district history, encompassing between Parnell to Ponsonby.  It should be openly glass like, to allowing the natural light in also to sparkle cathedral wave triangle light inside.

the waka 1680x1050

Right side elevation of the Waka with he mono rail on the right side as well, above the the complex is the indoor out door viewing platform with five war world two like search lights to light up the waterfront upwards, also can be used as a light beacon, or search lights for the harbour.

The inside interior design should reflect the design aspect of a Waka, in a contemporary fashion. With the construction of how the Waka is fashionably built from the inside classically contemporary white, with white in mind as a canvas, you could change the mood of the interior with mood lighting, that been said on the outside too. .

As to the main hull structure outside it should added on to a hidden concede ocean liner catwalk terminals hidden within, electronically thunderbirdly hidden, so it won’t disturb the flow and design of the of the Waka. Another aspect of the Waka is the, introduction of integration a city to subway high velocity (velocities exceeding more than 700 km/hr.) central business district ( CBD ) mono rail loop integrating with connecting  substations high rise buildings within the CBD, also integrated with the larger taller buildings with the CBD fringes.  Then that integration should be integrated with a high velocity subway system within the extent of the Auckland Metropolis.

Within the complex it should allow as a convention center to be used as a training institution structure for students as much on one blog post on rebuilding the St James theater as a tool to evolve with the on hands training with Auckland University, Auckland University of Technology, also Unitec.

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