Your blue Door…?

Thinking in creating a larger space indoors in your bedroom,  well think this is something that I’ve stumble only a moments ago, this also can make a blank canvas door into an adventure to escape into sort of something like “ Narina’s the Witch and the Wardrobe “  but it’s even cooler, it’s in your own cool room that your escaping into more like into the Tardis, where this door may seem smaller, but your room is even larger inside….

The Tardis blue door sticker is, roughly 77 by 200 cm, or though it can be custom sized, just by emailing the supplier your preferences.  It’s highly washable with an extremely UV protective coating which means it has a long life-cycle to retain the print. It’s simply a peel and apply on the wall, or the door, but make sure your applied surface is very nice and clean from dusty dirt.

It’s sold on, by the Seller “Pulaton”, also you could add it to your Amazon Wish list, just in case for the Christmas special

Like to know more about your Blue Door…?

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