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As before production of any filming of a movie –television series proceeds from the pages scenes written screen play or script.. there’s a process of call Storyboarding in which is helpful I picturing the scene is transitioned from screenplay to how it should be pictured through the director’s point of view of how she or he interprets the screenplay in which angle shown to see how the scene is portrayed through the many elements of how the camera angles it required to produce the scene..  In ordering to minimized how much the scene cost per minute or hourly operationally budget wise..

In which this very cute Star Wars – The Force Awakens storyboarding Sketch anime explains the outline adventures of the main lead, in which that main lead is Rey –Daisy Ridley how she becomes the understudy of Master Luke Skywalker – Mark Hamill as she find him in the first Jedi Temple planet of Arch-to.. as she begins to understand and learn about her past also what ‘s to come in becoming  the next Jedi Master in her own right..

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