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In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, one of the many Iconic public transport system, is the centennial more old Hong Kong Tramways system in which played a social integration part of Hong Kong Region’s social life heart beats of its culture.. The design, construction of the Hong Kong Trams or known as Ding Ding’s has remained iconically the same, since day one with the double Decker trams, With the Hong Kong style tram window frames, with its boxy design…  Apart from its trademark it’s the advertising with various brands that makes it characteristics colourful for the city landscape among the rail link..

One recently artistic whom made recent addition till mobility till 25th September 2017  is East Coast- New York graffiti Artistic licensed Alec Monopoly whom is a brand ambassador for Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer whom works have been featured brought by a numerous celebrities… on Tram Car 107 sprayed painted with his Monopoly man trademarks among with his sponsor livery colourfully badge all over it with shocking pink as mobile art piece….  Also promoting brand with his own Tag Heuer series range too..

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