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Taylor Swift’s Reputation is awaitingly anticipated is set to be release out on 10th November 2017 by Big Machine Records. In which her recent releases, her new Reputation has an innovative inventive new edgy post Gothic tone among with the Audio tune of” Ready for It”… Directing is come back director Joseph Khan whom previous directed Bad blood also previous videos of Taylor Swift’s Music videos of the Grammy Award winning  1989 Album..  In one reputation scene is the Taylor mountain in where the new Taylor stands mountainingly in which that Mountain hill is the makeup of all the elements of Taylor’s from her past music albums, videos, tours, awards, also concerts, featuring wearing her iconic wardrobe that has been display at the Taylor swift experience at the Grammy Museum in Los Angles   piling up towards the top, scrabbling of her former selves.. Among there was some wardrobe recreations like her Jewels Junior jewels T-shirts with the names of her squad, in its previous incarnation was featured her 2008 “You Belong to me- Video”  Among the Taylor’s of recent and past there was done by her amazing team of Team Taylor body doubles but featuring Taylor as the lead .. Among with struggling for the Red tour Circus Ring master Taylor with the Fearless Taylor

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