DOCTOR WHO | David Tennant and Catherine Tate reunited in Audio Adventures…..



As the last time ” Doctor Who”  when we left off with the Doctor Donna Noble- Catherine Tate, and the Tenth Doctor- David Tennant, in the last emotional tissue required episode of the “Journey’s End” in where we see the Doctor Donna obtaining Time lord-Galiferyian abilities in the process of the story line in becoming, understanding The Doctor in which during process The Doctor had to mind wipe her memories within her, so her brain containing so much experiences within from his from overheating her brain..

In the returning adventures with David Tennant and Catherine Tate, reunited in an audio book adventure of four episodes of introduction, Technophobia, Time Reaver also Death and the Queen.. with full cast produce by “Big Finish Productions”..  in which takes a while to get back into character for the both David and Catherine, with written by Matt Fitton.. In where they recollect their moments on filming on set for the televised series…

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