Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

On the planet Karn.. that Chamber that Eighth once was in… it’s has treasured family heirlooms…………………..


So his name is the Doctor, The Doctor the name that he gave himself, or others gave it to him, as her eyes begin to water, found him… last, but does she know that’s he’s dead.. That my husband needs just one regeneration that’s it, in which bottle contained the source Exlir, that was in my family before the republic.. “That belongs to you doesn’t it… “Ohila said comforting to the fact she sense by tears on the other side of the portal.. “ ….That was stolen from your family, it’s imperial family property.. isn’t” think she starting to know that the taste in the frozen air was my Husband whom call himself the Doctor.. ‘Yes.. It was stolen; it was a family heirloom before the republic… “Ohila replied back.. “ was a lot things that was stolen when Galifery became a republic.. “And looking at that golden ambering Exlir in that bottle was once in your family’s household that was one of them… as we took exile in the time of before the time war…


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