Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

On the week of Stardate 8130.3 the USS Enterprise NCC 1701,  is embarking on a three week training course, under the command of Captain Spock, on the same week it was Admiral James T. Kirk‘s birthday, as he feels his time is almost up, but it’s it?, his wife Carol Marcus reminds him that being 52 is his prime of his youth.   The two make their way via travel pod with Commander Scott to give the general exterior inspection of the ship, as his Predecessor did Captain Archer in the Enterprise seriesBroken Bow” and onwards as the two inspects the repairs, the refitting, the upgrades they make it to the neck docking port side to dock of the torpedo bay deck to finalised the inspection interiors before the week that become.

Done by – mylex67- youtube.

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