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It’s Halloween, coming up on the 31st October every year, also known as  All Saint’s day, There’s one other way to fill the night instead of watching repeativve scary televised movies after the neighbourhood children have finish there trick or treating.  It pays to dim the lights down, and leave a slight small opening of the window blinds just in case to see what lures around, outside  in luring suspicion in the dark, maybe it’s the ruffle of the wind, or the fallen Autumn Maple red tan leaves that swiling in the wind casing a walking dark shadow that among with the  sound of windy draft hallows.  You could do a scary Doctor Who  playlist lets start of with somethng even more mentally frighting than the Daleks.

They say the weeping Angels are quantum lock that maybe the reason they’re stone, forever form in ivory stoned, and just as old has the universe. Some say that they move stealth silently, some say the only way how to defeat a weeping Angel is to have to eye each other. Others say they when you blink, they closer even more in stealth assassin like, and when they’re hungry day or night, they feed on you  sending  you back in time.

To start the night off just to get to know the weeping angels a little much more?

Blink | Series three 2007

The time of Angels/ Flesh and Shadows | series seven 2010

The God Complex | series six 2011

– The Angels Take Manhattan | series seven 2012

Just remeber – Don’t Blink!

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