For the first time…..first lanuches…

As the Space shuttle program draws to a close during this week on spending its last duration flight of 12 days in space in with the International Space station, and Atlantis ending the program on STS 135, ending a brilliant 30 years hard-working  programme in which could lasted a little bit longer, given that there was another vehicle emplaced from the last time Atlantis lands on that runway, for the very last time. on that note it’s also the Day when Apollo 11 landed on the moon.

One interesting thing watching the 30 years of the  Space Shuttle programme, is the televised shift from analogue to complete digital now viewed from the Cathode Ray Tube to the internet of watching it through NASA TV, via USTREAM.

Space Shuttle Enterprise OV 101– the sister that start in all.

Space Shuttle Columbia OV-102 STS 001

Space Shuttle Challenger OV-099 STS 006

Space Shuttle Discovery OV-102 STS 41-D- with an abort launch.

Space shuttle Atlantis OV-104– STS 51-J

Space Shuttle Endeavour OV-105 – STS 49