Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

As during season ten production of Doctor who arrives within a day’s time, airing on 15th April 2017 on BBC one, In which Nardole- Matt Lucas with a inbetween Matt Smith and Peter  Capaldi style look  also with her own, owning her style is  Bill Potts-Pearl Mackie as the Doctor’s newest companions, as all sets off adventurously what awaits them in with Missy’s mischief  back in the never ending storyline. As they set to explore around the TARDIS in exploring the various consoles, examine the various components of the central control console. In between its main Helm, Navigation, Diagnostics, communications, Fabrication, Mechanical integrated sections hexagonally that surrounds the time vortex column….  As they examine one part was their favourite in which was the placement section where the sonic screwdriver was presented in the last scene of the Heaven sent after the his old sonic screwdriver was misplaced in replacement with sonic wearable trendy shades..

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