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On 5th December 2018, New York Time, is the marathon launch of the Space X Falcon Nine reusable Carrier Rocket in which this this launch is the resupply of the ISS International Space Station in which soon to be decommissioned in the year 2025 due to extremely aged components and parts..  This launch is launched from the East Coast of the United States in which there was another previous West Coast launch from the California, in which that launched successfully with any arising issues.. of cluster payload deployment of sixty four Cube and Micro Sats in one go in payload  that mission was called Spaceflight SSO-A SmallSat Express.. From Vandenberg air force Base from SLC 4E, Space Launch Complex 4E..

CRS16 is Also named Commercial Re-Supply in which is the Sixteenth contracted to supply the International Space Station till it expires in the year 2025, launching at a target lift off at afternoon 1338 Eastern Standard Time, from SLC 40- Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air force Station in Florida.. Within that window of launch time. Is the delivery of the five thousand and six hundred pounds of supplies, in which a part of the supplies is critically components materials that directed supporting various two hundred and fifty sciences and research investigative assignments that will be conducted onboard the Station’s laboratory modules …….

Among that mission of being resupply on the SpaceX Dragon Module is it’ll carry the GEDI- Global Eco System Dynamics Investigation Iidar.. also carrying out a few robotic refueling mission s for external payloads.. Within that CRS16 Launch manifest is the UNITE Cube Sats from manufactured by the University of Southern Indiana also TechEdSat 8 that was constructed at NASA –Ames research Center…..also with live plants and animals that’s include the with the laboratory research ..

Landing eight minutes and seventh minutes from lift off…….As Traditionally, this is a first stage landing of the new Block five next Generation Falcon Nine Reusable in which it’s not landing on the Drone ship “Of Course I still l Love you” it’s more traditional landing least five to ten Kilometer at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base  LZ1 – Landing Zone One..In which from there the CRS 16 Dragon module makes it way with the secondary stage towards its destination as it deploys two hours and twenty minutes later with its Solar arrays deployed Guidance, Navigation and Control bay door opens….

#SpaceX #FalconHeavy | #Starman- maiden flight test launching with a date towards the Planet Mars in style with #Tesla Cherry Red Roadster- Highlights


On a clear winters Florida 6th February 2018 afternoon at 1500 hours Eastern time, in which SpaceX have complete successful maiden flight of the Falcon Heavy.. Launching with hard earn working captivation from a cheering team in waiting for the launching from the iconic NASA-KSC Launch complex 39A in which launched the mighty Saturn V Luna Rocket towards, the Moon also the STS-Space Transportation System –Space Shuttle program..

Orthough the  Expected launch was to occur at 1330 Hours Eastern Standard Time it was belayed for least an hour later due to Weather conditions that didn’t met the Launch Criteria it went ahead without any arising Falcon Heavy issues to the at 1500 Hours Eastern Standard Time..  In which the weather meet the launch criteria for a ninety percent favourable later… In which the Launch was a go… in preparations for the launch, FAA certification was required, acquired for the launch due to the new nature of the launch format in which fitting formatting to same Space Shuttle Program format…  As the launch window came to an almost closed…..

During the webcast it was hosted by of panel of four, Lauren Lyons-Flight Reliability Engineer, Michael Hamersley- Materials Engineer, John Insprucker- Principal Integration Engineer, also Brian Mahlstet- Automation Software Engineer.  As the launch sequence continues with the cheering energise team as John described his colleagues… as they explained it, in which Lauren described the launch as a non-customer launch flight due to it was only a test flight… in which the main payload Easter eggs was Elon Musk’s Tesla electric powered Cherry Red Roadster with a new driver known Mannequin named Starman in a SpaceX’s new generation satin white EVA suit that’s designed for the Dragon Module.

Florida 6th February 2018 afternoon – SpaceX Successfully launches the powerful rocket the Falcon Heavy from the iconic NASA-KSC’s launch Complex 39A…..

As it journeys towards the Planet Mars in an into a precessing Earth-Mars elliptical orbit around the sun with fellow driver Starman there’s another part of the Payload is the a celebrated SpaceX plate, Lasered printed with all the staff from SpaceX, also Space hardware grade storage device that’s design to withstands the toughest roughest harsh conditions of space.. .. Apart of this it’s interesting to see how the Starman’s Eva Suit would fair in space…. It’s also important during the flight duration critical data collection is critical learning, modifications towards any onwards Falcon Heavy flight..

least ten minutes after the lift off from NASA-KSC’s Launch Complex 39A is the landing simultaneously of the side stage one core at landing Zone one and two at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station..

The two side Falcon Nine Reusable Cores was previously flight proven in. One launched the Thaicom 8 satellite in May 2016 and the other supported the CRS-9 mission in July 2016 With twenty eight Merlin MD-01 Engines, Stage one with three Falcon nine reusable cores sharing the total combine thrust of twenty seven Merlin Engines with the second stage of one.. Lifting off from the Iconic Historic Launch Complex 39A, in which lifting off with five million pounds of thrust.. In which reaching towards three minutes the two supporting side Falcon Nine Reusable cores detaches in which landing simultaneously back ten Kilometers from its initial launching launch Complex 39A point … with the crowds cheering.. in the background landing together at Landing Zone one and two at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base-Station into seven minutes and fifty eight seconds..   in which while the central core detaches from the second stage into three minutes and twenty four seconds landing back on the off then descending onto a yet to be determine Atlantic Ocean Drone Ship “ Off Course I Still Love You….”  As it landed moments later visual communications was interrupted…  As the Test launch flight conclude not just yet there was a following slight slivering coverage as Starman was traveling around the Planet Earth toward the path towards Mars in the background on Earth blasting out to the tunes of the late Great late 20th – early 21st  century pop musician David Bowie – Is there life on Mars- in which was the inspirational premise tune to the BBC’s year 1970’s in between 2000’s drama of a conscious time travelling British police detective Sam Tyler – Life On Mars..

#SpaceX #FalconNineReuseable | #Zuma Mission returning to launch on Space Complex #SLC 40-


Within five hours least – On seventh of January 2018 East Coast’s Gossip Girl New York time, it’s the return to launch Space X – Falcon nine on Cape Canaveral Air force Station on Space Launch Complex 40, in which on NASA-KSC’s iconic Launch Complex 39A in which Launched the mighty Apollo Mission Saturn five rockets towards the Moon for its lunar exploration also of the iconic Space Truck – STS- Space Transportation Systems – the Space Shuttle.. In which that launch Complex 39A is preparing for a maiden test flight of its younger powerful sister the Falcon Heavy as it transitions toward is even younger sister the BFR-Interplanetary – Space Airliner Rocket….

…. Launching from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base with a two hour window with its Traditional SpaceX launching / landing of the first stage Falcon nine reusable Carrier Rocket – B1043, eight minutes after lift-off onto landing Zone LZ-1, only a few Kilometers away from the SLC40 in which lift off begins take shape at 2000 Hours Easter Saving Time with a backup secondary launch window of the following day New York’s Tuesday eighth January 2018… with a tertiary window on ninth of January 2018 …………Lifting off with those nine clustered Merlin Engines is an unspecified Northrop Grumman Zuma Spacecraft into an approximate 51 degree inclination insertion orbit …

#SpaceX | @SpaceX – Northrop Grumman- #Zuma spacecraft from #NASAKSC iconic launch complex -39A……


On 16th November 2017- Thursday east coast time, SpaceX is set to launch a nonspecific payload, that Payload is the Northrop Grumman’s Zuma spacecraft for the United States of American government… in which that launch has a launch two hour window… Launching from the NASA-KSC iconic Launch complex LC-39A that launched the iconic Saturn V rockets also the STS- Space Transportation Systems –Space Shuttle Programme…. in that SpaceX has a two decade leasing on the launch complex till it retendering, in which on cloudy Thursday  launching from LC39A, 0800 Hours Eastern time.. from there launching from that time it’ll be a traditional SpaceX launch and landing for the Falcon nine Reusable carrier rocket in which land within eight minutes after launch, landing at LZ-1- Landing Zone one at Cape Canaveral Air force Station, Florida.. In which is not far from the launch complex 39A…

#SpaceX |#Falcon9 – #Bloopers- How Not to land an Orbital Rocket Booster…!

“…… Look that’s not a Rocket explosion – It’s just a rapid unscheduled disassembly…”

On That December 2015 successfully landed the SpaceXFalcon nine reusable first stage Carrier rocket, on first successful land landing on landing zone one on Cape Canaveral Air force Station in which average takes ten minutes to land from the Launch pad in NASA-KSC from that Iconic LC 39A Launch complex 39A that launched the Apollo – Saturn five rockets to the STS- Space Transportation Systems Space Shuttle mission in which that Launch Complex has undertaken onto a different era of Space Transportation specs..  As for the other First Successfully Drone Ship landing is on April 2016…

As for Successful landing, come with numerous trials and tribulations that’s coming a massive learning curve in getting it right…  The Right Stuff….!

2013 September – Hard impact on ocean

2014 April – First Soft water landing

2014 July- Second soft water landing

2014 July- Breaks Apart After Tipping

2014 August- Engine Sensor failure

2014 September- Ran out of liquid oxygen

201 January- Ran out of Hydraulic Fluid

2015 April – Sticky Throttle Valve

2016 January- Landing Leg Collapsed

2016 March – landing burn failure

2016 May- Radar Glitch

2016 May- Landing legs Damaged

2016 June – Ran out of Propellant