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“…… Look that’s not a Rocket explosion – It’s just a rapid unscheduled disassembly…”

On That December 2015 successfully landed the SpaceXFalcon nine reusable first stage Carrier rocket, on first successful land landing on landing zone one on Cape Canaveral Air force Station in which average takes ten minutes to land from the Launch pad in NASA-KSC from that Iconic LC 39A Launch complex 39A that launched the Apollo – Saturn five rockets to the STS- Space Transportation Systems Space Shuttle mission in which that Launch Complex has undertaken onto a different era of Space Transportation specs..  As for the other First Successfully Drone Ship landing is on April 2016…

As for Successful landing, come with numerous trials and tribulations that’s coming a massive learning curve in getting it right…  The Right Stuff….!

2013 September – Hard impact on ocean

2014 April – First Soft water landing

2014 July- Second soft water landing

2014 July- Breaks Apart After Tipping

2014 August- Engine Sensor failure

2014 September- Ran out of liquid oxygen

201 January- Ran out of Hydraulic Fluid

2015 April – Sticky Throttle Valve

2016 January- Landing Leg Collapsed

2016 March – landing burn failure

2016 May- Radar Glitch

2016 May- Landing legs Damaged

2016 June – Ran out of Propellant

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