#LEGO #LEGOHongKong #樂高 #樂高香港 #香港 | #Apollo11 #LunarLander Eagle- created by #LegoDesigner #LegoCreator veteran architect #LarsJoe …. Celebrating the Anniversary of that day 20th July 1969….


On 20th July 1969 it was the most anticipated landing watched that set the cold war in between the CCCP- USSR –Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – with the United States… In which back then it was a different NASA but original…. unlike today’s NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration which is run by a disruptive administration …..  On that day on twentieth of July in which two American Astronauts set foot on the moon that representing humanity for the first time, not representing America, but representing as scientific ambassadors representatives of planet Earth……. In which Astronaut the late Neil Armstrong set that first footing as he and Buzz Aldrin the second to set foot on the almost made it landing after exhausting all lunar lander module Eagle’s landing fuel..  Force drifting landing on the sea of Tranquillity… in which is in between the ears of the Jade Rabbit in which they landing on the Jade Rabbit’s head…    as overhead their fellow Astronaut witness from above orbiting around the moon awaiting for their return on Apollo Command Module- Columbia Astronaut Michael Collins ….

In leading up towards that Anniversary Lego has recreated a newer larger version for that 50th year anniversary in which it was built from the ground up…. As Lego Designer also veteran architect Lars Joe, in which he’s been working on the Lego lunar lander  in which is designed in three pieces in which comes in three parts the lunar Command module, the Lunar lander in which the lander has four legs, with movable parts to simulate a landing in progress.. With gold foil bricks in which are housing to protect sensitive delicate instruments from the extreme harsh environments of space, also the lunar surface… among the surroundings of the lander it has movable hatches in which retracted outwardly for instruments…..

One of the third parts is the lunar surface which has foot prints, when designing the Lunar Module lander; it’s built with the original look, with in collaboration with NASA in providing the necessary details in building the lunar set… to make the display extremely detail… in which a previous model was the revised Saturn V rocket..  In which makes great companion towards an Apollo Collection…

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#iPhonePhotography |春天滿月- 8th September 2017 – on a previously mild clear Auckland Spring #FullMoon –


If you’re wondering about tonight on the eighth of September 2017 at Auckland Observatory-Stardome,  they’re screen one of the iconic episode sequels from Star Trek The Original Series – “Space Seeds” that was prequel foretold in the storyline of the crew of NX-01 Enterprise as there was Argument Humans-Superhuman that ruled half of Earth over a short period of time in the late 20th  to the early 21st  century then the remaining  crew with its leader Khan Noonien Singh forcefully exile on a sleeper sub-light ship the Botany Bay..  Until then they were discovered by the crew of nearly 40 year old Constitution class USS Enterprise under Captain Kirk the story goes from there until Khan and his crew was again exile at Ceti Alpha four.. In from after that you’ll have to find out in which screening tonight at Stardome-Auckland Observatory at eight New Zealand time for the … “ Star Trek-Wrath of Khan” ….

As of yesterday one the 7th September 2017 Auckland –New Zealand, last night it was a great night as it was the full moon in which there was a modest moderate of crowds for the night in viewing the full moon, in which brighten up the night sky… in which you can see along the other side which the terminator has slightly came back along the side where the Jade Rabbit is… is slowly progressively veiling towards the new moon in which as it tends toward the new moon the moon rises later in the evening ….. Orthough it was great night in viewing the full moon, in which you can still make out the constellations and clusters in the night sky after an earlier much clearer night sky after it rained out the smog pollutants in the air… As for the moon orthough it was full, the features of the moon were washout, but you can see some shadowy indention craters…

#iPhonePhotography |春天滿月- The Spring #Moon as from late August crescent towards the almost #FullMoon- a Gallery-

During this early this month is from the late of August towards the early of September 2017 with advert of the recently Solar Eclipse that span from the top west coast towards the lower east coast corner of the United States as this week the lower east coast braces for a dual hurricane in the last few weeks… one is heading currently this week is Irma..

As for the Untied States Solar Eclipse in which comes on a centennial basis, it was shared on so many levels on socials… One in particular with the Eclipse mega movie Google team also with the Astronomy team from Berkeley – University of California, Astronomical Society of the Pacific along with other partnerships…  as the New Moon from late August transited in front of its parent planet Earth in between the Sun with seen umbra transiting across the Nation with many observational photography collected data of the sun’s corona..


Among with this past week’s towards this week as I’m keyboarding, editing in Auckland-New Zealand, weather wise it has been a very extended wintery with most of the country still slogging wet from the massive onslaughts of cyclones, in company of constant rainy weeks.. But weather wise it can be ever slight generous… Some wintery frozen cold nights as spring approaches with lots of layered warm clothing to showing to crowds at the Auckland Observatory- Stardome what currently in the real life night starry skies for as the current month it’s the early settling down for the largest planet in Solar System, Jupiter which is encrusted in the bodice of the Constellation Virgo’s dress.. Among the following wintery constellation is the Scorpio also Sagittarius in which in between is the Second largest planet Saturn with its Cassini division rings…

The Jade Rabbit

Among closer to home, is Earth’s organic Satellite, the moon Luna, about the same diameter as the country of Australia…. As it transition from the new moon towards within week wised to the full moon from the first quarter to second in full… only rising in the east later by later in the evening.. As she unveils her terminator veil, revealing the front of her wedding dress with cratered lacy embroidery bodice with the skirting Mares seas… with embroidered mare of the outline of Jade rabbit which composite with Tranquility also serenity..

#iPhonePhotography |春天滿月- An Almost Spring #FullMoon- 5th September 2017- before a thunderstorm rainy week…


On a 5th September 2017- Tuesday on a soon to be in cloudy thunderstorm next day in Auckland New Zealand…. In which the on that night the moon was nearly almost a full moon with a Waxing Gibbous of ninety nine percent, in which on today it’s Wednesday cloudy with an early morning lightning –thunderstorm that thundered over the Manukau Harbour..

As it was clouding over, there were some interesting small pockets of windows of observations as seeing the one percent of the terminator that veiling the moon, in which most of the distinctive details are washing with the abundances of light, even though with the full moon there’s a slight terminator edging on the circumference of the moon…

The crowd that Tuesday night at the Auckland Observatory-Stardome got to see the nearly full moon along with Wintery Spring Planet still following the constellation Scorpio with a small opening in between the clouds… as to with the the Planet Jupiter in the bodice of the constellation Virgo falls earlier in the night.

As the clouds came blanketing through like in a Gothic silent movie scene, some through misty layers in creating an organic light filter to slightly reduced the light intensity without an aid of an actual moon filter, in which sometimes it helps sometimes it doesn’t… among with the filtered moonlight you could see the interesting details of the mares or larger seas..

#iPhonePhotography | 冬月 #winter #moon – Before the #FullMoon – 5th August 2017-


On a wintery frozen 5th August 2017 Auckland – New Zealand night just before the Full moon, the Moon was heading into its ninety percent Waxing Gibbous in which, in the following proceeding days there was a Partial Lunar Eclipse in motion on in between the seventh, eighth of August 2017 as seen in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong webcast by the Hong Kong Space Museum morning of Seventh to Eighth- Tuesday of August 2017…..  As the Moon Luna was motioning through towards the Full Moon, as it was in the abundances in-between Constellations of Libra, Scorpio also closely nearby the wintery Planet Saturn, in which viewing through a very good telescope you could see is Galilean Moons Dione, Titan, Hyperion orbiting around its parent ringed gaseous planet Saturn averagely one light hour ago, averagely one billion kilometer away from Earth, that Elliptically orbits around the Sun..

As there are much to see of the Moon Luna, as she reveals her cratered lacy embroidery A-line Wedding dress in which that Tapestry embroidery woven to tell more of the storylines of the Jade Rabbit, the stories of NASA’s Apollo Mission on Tranquility also serenity also how much a modest impact of Tycho created a an immeasurable aftermath timeless impression on the surface on the moon..  Among just before the full moon you can see the outline Luna Circumferences cratered silhouettes edges….