#iPhonePhotography | 萬聖節月亮 – The 31 October 2017 #Halloween Moon – A Gallery


It was a on at night with the Halloween Phantom of the Opera Moon on the 31st October 2017 in Auckland-New Zealand in which during that that day night it was clear remarkable in which latterly the cloudy started to gate crashed from the north..  During that same day it was the eve of Halloween in east coast where Space X had currently launched the South Korean television telecommunications Satellite KoreaSat5A.. on the following day over in the west coast at California is the multiple payload launch of the SkySat also Dove Satellites in one single launch by OrbitalATK in which both launches met its launch criteria besides waiting patience for the weather..


Meanwhile on that same Halloween day, Southern Hemisphere wise at the Auckland Observatory-Stardome were running with Halloween theme night. With props of Tombstones suspended ghouls with decorative running spiders, flying bats, in which running in sessions of three Halloween thematic planetarium shows each come with Halloween loot treat swag…

Before the gate-crashing blanketing rain clouds that came rolling over from north as it ghost storyline the waxing gibbous Phantom of the opera moon in creating that Halloween look for the moon in view as the storyline the Jade Rabbit eye.. In which you can see the promenade features of the sea of the Apollo 11 landed sea of Tranquility also Apollo 17 landed  Serenity… among that the moon was moving away from the constellation Scorpio in which rising later as she headed towards the full moon- second quarter then onwards wanningly towards the New Moon..

#iPhonePhotography |春天滿月- 8th September 2017 – on a previously mild clear Auckland Spring #FullMoon –


If you’re wondering about tonight on the eighth of September 2017 at Auckland Observatory-Stardome,  they’re screen one of the iconic episode sequels from Star Trek The Original Series – “Space Seeds” that was prequel foretold in the storyline of the crew of NX-01 Enterprise as there was Argument Humans-Superhuman that ruled half of Earth over a short period of time in the late 20th  to the early 21st  century then the remaining  crew with its leader Khan Noonien Singh forcefully exile on a sleeper sub-light ship the Botany Bay..  Until then they were discovered by the crew of nearly 40 year old Constitution class USS Enterprise under Captain Kirk the story goes from there until Khan and his crew was again exile at Ceti Alpha four.. In from after that you’ll have to find out in which screening tonight at Stardome-Auckland Observatory at eight New Zealand time for the … “ Star Trek-Wrath of Khan” ….

As of yesterday one the 7th September 2017 Auckland –New Zealand, last night it was a great night as it was the full moon in which there was a modest moderate of crowds for the night in viewing the full moon, in which brighten up the night sky… in which you can see along the other side which the terminator has slightly came back along the side where the Jade Rabbit is… is slowly progressively veiling towards the new moon in which as it tends toward the new moon the moon rises later in the evening ….. Orthough it was great night in viewing the full moon, in which you can still make out the constellations and clusters in the night sky after an earlier much clearer night sky after it rained out the smog pollutants in the air… As for the moon orthough it was full, the features of the moon were washout, but you can see some shadowy indention craters…

#iPhonePhotography | 春天的月亮 Spring #Moon – #FullMoon Almost – 3rd September 2017


3rd September 2017 Auckland – New Zealand, is a an interesting week with current previously of last weeks of two there was a Solar Eclipse New Moon’s Umbra that transited  across the Top West towards the lower East Coast  Corner….. as it was shared on so many levels on Socials with innovations been brought out to archive the event as its next time it’s seen is another centennial in which Google provide an awesome social gatherings of observational data to create a Google Solar Eclipse MegaMovie..

As of yesterday of 3rd September 2017, Luna unveiling her terminator veil in revealing more than ninety percent… in which more of the Jade Rabbit with the stories of the seas of Tranquility also Serenity in which most of the remaining of the Apollo Lunar mission… As on a Sunday in which most of the country in New Zealand was celebrating Father’s Day, in which in Auckland Observatory-Stardome in which celebrated as with Father’s get in free as to Mother’s day too. The crowds came in with some first timers’ excitements in just in time later in with the last show before the clouds nomadically roam over briefly with the observations of the Moon along in with the Second largest gaseous Planet with iconic Cassini Rings…….

Among for the later in the night in between the light misty clouds… some distance back in time observations were with viewing   with the two Globular Clusters both averagely sixteen thousand Light years ago with Omega Centauri of the Southern cross also in the 47 Tucanne in the Constellation Tucanne…..  With the nearest Star system Alpha Centauri, a triple stars system with both stars almost the same equal mass with one smaller dwarf star hiding behind the other one…

STAR WARS | your very own Death Star Planetarium…?

think geek-star wars death star planetarium

Given that you love going to Planetarium shows… like the ones in like “Stardome Observatory” in Auckland or the one in “Griffith Observatory” in Los Angles at night .. And watching the beautiful show of been presented to you of the tour of the Starry night… Then taking out to the real night sky where you amazingly digested shown to explore the starry stuff… and wonder what the “Star Wars” Galaxy would look like aswell…. Also those systems where the Imperial forces have occupied to from the inner to the outer rim and knowing where from Coruscant to Alderaan… also it could help you find your way around. In planning the next rounds of operations in countering the imperial forces…  with this in mind there’s a second dome in which shows the views of the real night sky of  Earth the planets within the solar system also  the constellations as well depending if it’s either a northern or southern hemisphere….

The sizes of the “Death Star Planetarium’s” diameter is about eleven inches wide so it sits in with a tripod stand in makes an excellent  home decor for the bedroom, office or lounge during those nights to illuminate those rooms magically …. Also it’s a very informative tool guide in learning in between the Real and Star Wars Galaxy…


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Photos were taken through the in between two solar flitered Meades LX-200 series telescopes, between the eight and ten inch mirrors in diameter. | postcard technique.

On the Fourteenth of November 2012, over the pacific there was a very unique temporal event that happened but the next one is seen again is on 2038 Dec 26.  The Temporal event was a total solar eclipse but partial it was a eclipsing in New Zealand seen.

Over here in Auckland, the partial total solar eclipse lasted for least in four hours in duration. In account of the day, the weather has been in part favourable than this year’s transit of Venus in which observing at Auckland Observatory | Stardome at that time was rolling robed clouds throughout the day. Somehow by Rao, the weather this time was pretty much scattered in good form behaviouring, letting us to view this time than to the Transit of Venus.

The whole dialogue started throughout into early hours of the morning of 0930 to least 1300 hours to the early afternoon. The crowds gather at the back of the Observatory where there was more room to accommodate them and the bank of grass provided more comfort standing, sitting and laying down to viewing the timeless event through either use of the Solar glasses or the various of telescopes with solar fliters.  The media was there also, from broadcasters such as 3News.co.nz, onenews also Skynews-prime. the atmosphere was packed, there was numberous photographers also. one nice thing photographing is noticing the sunspots, a dozen or least through using the different solar fliters.

During the height of the moment, when the moon shadowed at its total partial eclipse the day was warmly heated tempted then later be felt a slightly cooler, as most of the light intensity decreases as the Moon moves in front of the sun eclipsing its dark sheer chiffon shadow across the New Zealand’s landscape.