#OrbitalATK #OmegA #EELV | OrbitalATK’s newest sister for a larger class rocket carrier inspired by Omega Centauri- That starry Globular Cluster next to the #NewZealandFlag – #SouthernCross …..


Coming very soon in the OrbitalATK in its fleet of carrier rockets is the newest sister The OmegA in which is designed home-grown manufactured for the EELV- US-Air force Evolved Expendable Vehicle program exclusively… In which is design to have a payload capacity for 10.100 Tonnes for a GTO – Transfer Geostationary Orbit … for a lighter payload load for GEO- Geostationary Equatorial Orbit ..

The newest sister- OmegA… Features the naming from the First letter from two companies in collaboration with ATK.. With O then the A…. in which she is named after a starry object in the night sky only can been seen in the Southern Hemisphere in which One of many Observatories New Zealand’s Auckland Observatory-Stardome is one great viewing spot to view the globular cluster as you look into the Constellation Centauri area where the Southern Cross is right next to Epsilon Centauri…   looking least sixteen thousand light years ago back in time with a clustering of ten million stars with a diameter of least 160 Light years across…

OrbitalATK’s newest sister for a larger class rocket carrier inspired by Omega Centauri- That starry Globular Cluster next to the New Zealand Flag – Southern Cross …..

 Featuring as a three stage rocket with a six clustered Strap on GEM63XL/T boosters strapping onto stage one (CASTOR 600 or 1200) powered up by a Aero Rocketdyne RL10C engines with the secondary (CASTOR 300) stage among with the tertiary stage in which has the thrust vector control system….   In which depending on the mission specs OmegA can be modified as a two stage launching various payload, or various numerous…..

Carbon Fibre composites as its main shell construction in which cost effective also in which reduces the time to  manufacturing operationally as it is printed onsite.. Providing low costing for customers in affordability.. the initial OmegA configuration flight is expected to launch within the early year of 2021 calendar in which certification of the EELV program later quarterly year in which latter for the heavy configuration flight certification is expected for the 2024 launch Calendar.. in which it be interesting to see how it completes fairly with American internally National Commercial launch Provides as likes of SpaceX, ULA- United Launch Alliance also RocketLab.. on the payload specifications requirements..

#iPhonePhotography | 春天的月亮 Spring #Moon – #FullMoon Almost – 3rd September 2017


3rd September 2017 Auckland – New Zealand, is a an interesting week with current previously of last weeks of two there was a Solar Eclipse New Moon’s Umbra that transited  across the Top West towards the lower East Coast  Corner….. as it was shared on so many levels on Socials with innovations been brought out to archive the event as its next time it’s seen is another centennial in which Google provide an awesome social gatherings of observational data to create a Google Solar Eclipse MegaMovie..

As of yesterday of 3rd September 2017, Luna unveiling her terminator veil in revealing more than ninety percent… in which more of the Jade Rabbit with the stories of the seas of Tranquility also Serenity in which most of the remaining of the Apollo Lunar mission… As on a Sunday in which most of the country in New Zealand was celebrating Father’s Day, in which in Auckland Observatory-Stardome in which celebrated as with Father’s get in free as to Mother’s day too. The crowds came in with some first timers’ excitements in just in time later in with the last show before the clouds nomadically roam over briefly with the observations of the Moon along in with the Second largest gaseous Planet with iconic Cassini Rings…….

Among for the later in the night in between the light misty clouds… some distance back in time observations were with viewing   with the two Globular Clusters both averagely sixteen thousand Light years ago with Omega Centauri of the Southern cross also in the 47 Tucanne in the Constellation Tucanne…..  With the nearest Star system Alpha Centauri, a triple stars system with both stars almost the same equal mass with one smaller dwarf star hiding behind the other one…

April’s night in Auckland

apirl night two

graphics clip done by using stellarium

This month you’re in for a treat in the Auckland’s night sky. Within this month early you’ll get to see two gaseous planets, both summer and winter ones, Jupiter and also Saturn. Jupiter falls very early setting in for the night about 2050 hours westwards in with the constellation of Taurus, below the red giant star Aldebaran, the eye of the bull. As for the Saturn it rises very now early from the eastwards of Auckland in about 1900 hours, but it’s best to wait for about either hour or two later to get the best view possible onwards as it progressively moves to west, which is in between two constellations Virgo and Libra, follow by Scorpio. As Auckland moves towards winter, in which it’s the best time of the month to view the Orion Nebula before it settle down in within the next couple of months. But the good news is that you’ll get to see more of the Jewel box open cluster also its closed Omega Centauri nearby southwardly and left wise of Epsilon Centauri.