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think geek-star wars death star planetarium

Given that you love going to Planetarium shows… like the ones in like “Stardome Observatory” in Auckland or the one in “Griffith Observatory” in Los Angles at night .. And watching the beautiful show of been presented to you of the tour of the Starry night… Then taking out to the real night sky where you amazingly digested shown to explore the starry stuff… and wonder what the “Star Wars” Galaxy would look like aswell…. Also those systems where the Imperial forces have occupied to from the inner to the outer rim and knowing where from Coruscant to Alderaan… also it could help you find your way around. In planning the next rounds of operations in countering the imperial forces…  with this in mind there’s a second dome in which shows the views of the real night sky of  Earth the planets within the solar system also  the constellations as well depending if it’s either a northern or southern hemisphere….

The sizes of the “Death Star Planetarium’s” diameter is about eleven inches wide so it sits in with a tripod stand in makes an excellent  home decor for the bedroom, office or lounge during those nights to illuminate those rooms magically …. Also it’s a very informative tool guide in learning in between the Real and Star Wars Galaxy…

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