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“This is whole lot better designing Hub Caps… you get to design Spaceships..!!!.” –  Mark Bourdeaux- Senior Principal Designer

If you wondering intrigued… what goes in the processes of “Hasbro” in creating the beautiful amazing in creating the figures in behind the scenes… So you could see your youthful recreation of those your moments In “Star Wars” Universe…  Here we see the process of creating that moment in “Return of the Jedi” of the speeder Bike in used that chase scene on the Moon Endor… By Stormtroopers chasing Luke and Leia Skywalker… in where they used various photographs form the Lucas Film Archives to get the exact details right with the same scale…  on using Computer Generated Graphics  with the scale and details they could articulated the engineering of building it using 3D printing in seeing how It would be assemble together..  Then they would paint it to get the feel how it may look in the final product.. With all the inbuilt accessories that comes with the six inches figures…

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