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The Romulan Republic- The Faeht Intel Warbird- tier six warbird

As Star Trek Online “season ten-Delta Rising” approaches on the 14th of October 2014… so is one of  two newly constructed or until then still under construction is two Intel Class Romulan Republic Starships… Coming along to ally against a new threat in the Delta Quadrant with the Federation and the Klingons…  both are Tier six class Starships… In which has the same variant specifications as the Federation’s and the Klingon’s Tier Six science equipment of Active Senor Arrays and Enhanced Battle Cloaking Device..

The Faeht Intel Warbird... is a Tier six class vessels… in which length size is presumably to a comparative of Sovereign Class… also the falcon sweep size length is impressive in given that’s where the weapons loaded out is situated… given it load out It’s a full frontal attack ship… with full banks of cannons and turrets at the after weapons load out… also that advantage that it has a very similar Lance akin to the Galaxy Dreadnought Class also to the Phantom Intel Escort. But with Plasma Lance… Doing damage with a plasma Lance causes your target to be serve cripple with the Intel Expose Vulnerability abilities causing to find you targets weakness in its ship wide systems… Given that you have both abilities activated it’ll give your target in a even more damaging position in bypassing the shields…  at the moment it’ll be interesting to see the bridge station and ship consoles.. But I’m guessing it’s a more a Tactical and Science vessel.. time would tell when that October comes around..

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