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The Klingon Empire- Tier six The Qib Intel Battlecruiser


As Delta rising is coming in the fall on 14th October 2014… So is the “Klingon Empire” in alliances with the Federation and the Romulans… investigates also in the Delta Quadrant jointly with team Admiral Turvok.. in figuring out what is going after they left that 32 years ago.. .

The Klingons have also being developing there Intel class vessels also of the two… Orthough it’s not as larger development that… Starfleet has been developing of four ships with very low narrow profiling…  however the Klingon designs have remain traditionally the same…


The Qib Intel Battlecruiser…. Is a Tier six Battlecruiser.. Orthough it’s an agile vessel it’s presumably a Science vessel.. Gathering the size in length is at between the K’Tinga or the Dorcha Battle Cruiser… with its features is like driving a chromed painted Maserati with red neon lights… in very sleekness in that sleekness gathering it’s very nibble in moving to reposition itself.. as an all-out Cannons, turrets, torpedoes with a garnishing of beam arrays banks to pick off as you move around to minimised   your shield penetration .. However the Klingons have been working on the same relative abilities as the Federation..  as the Active sensor arrays also the Battle cloaking system.. as part of the Intel systems  but also have some interesting universal console in which features a Weapon System Siphoning in which it drains your target.. Also it overloads their system in results it gives you a more of doing some serious damage sharpens your accuracy, in opposition to them…. Orthough there’s no news about the console or bridge arrangement yet but its seeming going to be one efficient Battle Cruiser.


The Klingon Empire -Tier six- The MaHa Raptor

The MaHa Raptor… is also one interesting tier six Battlecruiser… it’s a tactical ship.. In which has all the hallmarks of a Starfleet’s Fleet Avenger Battlecruiser, the Fleet Armitage carrier also to the Fleet Patrol escort… Given the scale I presume its somewhere between the Pach Raptor refit.. Or close in between the Luna and the Avenger Class Starships…

With size in mind it’ll maneuverability quite quickly to come back for another around of frontal attack.. Due to it’s a delivery of follying fire power In tandem with torpedo firing… given it’s having installed with a full weapons load out with forward cannons and torpedoes.. With rear turrets…  that been said that weapons load out providing support for a very heavy disruptor nose cannon Universal console in Akiness to the Phantom Intel Cruiser or to the Galaxy Class Dreadnought Phaser Lance… Firing directly into a targets hulling doing with serious damage…to the engines offline as the device or its abilities came off from a Starfleet science vessel…

Given that you have both console it’ll provides you with an advantage as you used both at the combination at the same time…

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