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As “Star Trek Online” is set to be on Console free to play too on this coming fall of 2016, on PlayStation, and Xbox in where the developers spend several months in development in creating a friendly user interface from the PC version user interface with seventy two keys keyboard to a sixteen bit console controller…  In where when from developing the console the people at Cryptic-perfect world had to start from scratch in rebuilding the user interface for the console experience…  in where the console user get to have the same online experience as the PC users always has been adventuring on..

Being on Console, Star Trek Online, a MMORPG- massively multiplayer online role playing game- Cryptic-Perfect World also in order to get that console environmental experiences means bringing the gaming environments lighting up to date to bring that extra level of realistic immersion that you’re in there, as you can see within the PC version that’s has already happen with the increase of ultra-detailing in the texturing that’s with you, creating you, your character… As they bring in HDR lighting, cluster forward rendering, also light probes to give the environments experience to bring it up to date with today’s current graphical hardware…

As you adventure your crew, away team, your ship of what three factions as you decide to Federation, Klingon, or Roluman republic as you adventure along with the mission episodes with the Ship that you adventure with as you explore the Galaxy, with the actual cast from Star Trek The Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, also Voyager with Jeri Ryan- Annika Hansen- Seven of Nine, Tim Russ- Admiral Voyager.. Also experience all the expansions, from Delta Rising, to the agents of Yesterday..

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