STAR TREK ONLINE | The Pathfinder –a tier six long range science vessel … a revisitment… ?

a tier six long range science vessel
the Pathfinder variant –a tier six long range science vessel ….first trials..


A few moments ago tested out “the Pathfinder” it’s a Tier six long Range science vessel… it’s a completely different ship class but with a variant feel to the Vesta and the Intrepid class as it successor…  The ship is, itself is quicker than the older sister class, despite it’s been the same relative size with the Fleet Luna Class in mind…  the ship is well balanced depending what fashionably look that you’re after..

Having… had the previous components of the Nadeon Detonator and the Ablative shielding plus now the Aero Shuttle it does feel more of smaller Vesta class that Multi Mission Reconnaissance Explorer with the set like being sort off a carrier with the Aero Shuttle in helping you to knock off your targets subsystems.. Also giving your maximum shield healing… also trialling different weapons combinations… Saying it’s a best knowing as a beam boat with some torpedoes bays in forward and rear… So you move around and maximised your shield rather having them been drained as you attack frontally…  also it depends on your skillsets, also your lovely Bridge officers too…

love how It can do some serious damage due to it’s small size  to some PVE’s stuff as trialling it out in  Beta Ursa sector, but not yet in the  Delta Quadrant as it’s full maiden testing out voyage.. Despite the lower Hulling rating than the Odyssey Science… as long your outfit some serious reputation, science consoles also with your best bridge officer’s station in which they’ll help you through…  also looking at the Pathfinder it’s a serious competition with the Multi Mission Reconnaissance Explorer also with the Tier six Intel Scryer science vessels…basically it’s an awesome vessel, it’s like having a “Nissan GTR Skyline “in your shipyard..

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