STAR TREK ONLINE| season ten –Delta Rising- Behind the scenes with Garrett Wang…!

As season ten on “Star Trek online” continues… the prequels storylines to Star Trek Voyager… in season ten the Crew of the USS Voyager is assemble as Admiral Turvok-Tim Russ taking the helm of Voyager investigating the Delta Quadrant, investigating the new problems that arise since they left the Quadrant.. Some thirty years ago.. Now the year 2410…

In this “Al Rivera- Captaingeeko” – Star Trek online lead Designer interviews and talks with “Garrett Wang” about his character now developed evolved into Admiral Janeway inspired Captain, Captain Harry Kim of the USS Rhode Island (Nova Class), assisting USS Voyager (Intrepid Class)… they talked about the time and stories of the production of Voyager and the 100th episode in Timeless where Voyager crash landed in an ice Planet after trialing out the makeshift mishap SlipStream drive trying to make the way home to the Alpha Quadrant.. Also this episode talked about this his strong story moments in the episode given that this is all about his character story…. Also providing they talk about the exploration side comedic side of the production of Voyager in how it could become an awesome Sitcom..

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