STAR TREK ONLINE- ZEFILMS | UFPMEDIA – A gorgeous fan made montage……


As in “Star Trek- Las Vegas” 2016 between third to seventh of August 2016 and has it celebrated the fifty year anniversary of Star Trek  with recent insights instalments of the prime universe of “ Star Trek- Discovery” a serialised television series in the making in which is set ten years before Captain James.  Kirk became the Captain of the Constitution class USS Enterprise… in which we get to see the prelude what’s during the time of Captain Robert April or Christopher Pike Commanding the Enterprise….

As Part of the convention, “UFPMEDIA” held a booth on the floor of the Rio Grande, named after Roundabout shuttle in Deep Space Nine, in during the STLV-2016, in which if you check out “ZEFILMS” their works in bringing out the cinematic movie quality of Star Trek online is incredible in using in-game environments, as this is their show cast footage of their works in the recent years… the music score is done by Hans Zimmer – Chevaliers de Sangreal….. also it’s best to turn up the volume and resolution the footage is stunning.. !

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