#SPACEX |#FalconNineReusable #CarrierRocket Launching the #EsHail2 Communications Satellite from that iconic launch complex #LC39A saying back with #OfCourseIStillLoveYou ……!

On 15 November 2018, on a clear mid-afternoon Florida day , is the launching of the SpaceX true and tried reliable next generation block five Falcon Nine reusable Carrier Rocket from NASA KSC LC39A…

On 15 November 2018, on a clear mid-afternoon Florida day , is the launching of the SpaceX true and tried reliable next generation block five Falcon Nine reusable Carrier Rocket.. in which during that launch its launched from a twenty year leased from NASA-National Aeronautics Space Administration’s Kennedy Space Center LC39A that’s launched the mightily Saturn five carrying the Lunar missions of Apollo.. Also the STS-Space Transportation Systems, the Iconic Space Shuttle..

Among that mid-afternoon launch, that went with any arising issues, launching at window 1546 hours Eastern Standard Time… in which commentary of the Es’ Hail two Satellite launch for today is Brian Mahlstedt – Space X’s Automation Software Engineer.. In which his Co-Host is Siva Bharadvaj- SpaceX’s Integration and Test Engineer explaining the staging components of the Falcon Nine reusable of the two staging’s that’s delivering the Telecommunications Satellite..   in which landing on an off shore Drone Ship” Of Course I Still love You “ off the Coast of Kennedy Space Center eight minutes and sixteen seconds after lift-off …

Delivering the payload is with ten powerful Merlin engines, is the Es’ Hail two Telecommunication Satellite, In which is place in GEO – Geo Stationary Orbit in which is place thirty two minutes after lift-off… in which the satellite is manufactured of a proven satellite chassis, Mitsubishi Electric (MELCO) DS 2000 satellite bus, in which it provides a High Power capacity flexibility for various applications and roles, featuring Ku-Band multi-transponder Ka-band capacity…..

landing on a drone ship In which landing on an off shore Drone Ship” Of Course I Still love You “ off the Coast of Kennedy Space Center eight minutes and sixteen seconds after lift-off …

In which its designate roles is the provisionment of Data broadcasting Telecommunications for Television  for content distribution, enterprise communications also Governmental services towards the Middle East, North African region with dedication for communications growth for that region in mind..

#ULA- UNITED LAUNCH ALLIANCE | #NASA -NOAA #GOES-R on an Atlas five Rocket…….

In a few three days least  short on 19th November 2016 eastern time Saturday, it’ll be an” ULA-United Launch Alliance” of a Weather reconnaissance satellite, that weather satellite is named “GOES-R- Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-R “ in which the client is NOAA- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also partaking also is” NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration”  in which is launched from Cape Canaveral Air force Station , Florida,  from Space Launch Complex – SLC-41, with an opening one hour launch window at 17.42 hours Eastern Standard Time..

GOES-R- Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-R program is one of four sets GOES-R Satellites operated by NOAA, in which is built with advanced weathering reconnaissance systems, in which designed to scan the Planet Earth from a Geo-stationary orbit five time quicker with four times more of high depth resolution than other conventional weathering satellites, in which will provide more data analysis for scientists to forecast and climate of the weather globally..  In which providing enrichment of data analysis of forecasting, storms, hurricanes tracking, tornadoes, warnings, seasonally changes predictions for the long term also provide priceless weather data for aviation flight route predictions to ensure a secure safer flight path..Also with Space Weather observatoins..

One aspect of GOES-R is the enhancement of search and rescue, in detection of distress signals from location beacons, from distress signals from various variants of Aircraft, ships also personal location beacons as part of the Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking (SARSAT) system.

The GOES-R Satellite, is launched from an Atlas V-541 configuration, in that configuration in which launched the Martian rover Curiosity back in the 2011 launch calendar..  The Atlas V-541 Configuration consist of the carrier main stage Atlas V booster providing with two RD 180 Engine  with four SRB-Solid Rocket Boosters,  in addition to the secondary carrier stage is the Centaur with a single RL-10C-1 Engine…  As for weather wise hope it’s clear also co-operative weather-wise evening for the launch

SPACE X-FALCON NINE | Webcast of AMOS-6 Launch is within three days – 3rd September 2016..

On 3rd of September 2016 –United States Eastern Date time “Space X” will be launching a five point five Tons AMOS-6 Affordable Modular Optimized Satellite, in which its the main payload of launching a Commercial Satellite in which the AMOS-6 is well intended to be the successor to the AMOS-2.. AMOS-6 is launched into Geostationary Transfer Orbit, in which constructed by IAI- Israel Aerospace Industries …..AMOS-6 will consist of newer technologies than from its sisters, with electric propulsion; in servicing of communications life of 15 years…also it’s the communication satellite extends the servicing networks to its customers of Spacecom, with higher powers, also with larger Ku Band transponders in which leaves room for growth potential in which one aspects of services will provide direct to home, video distribution, broadband internet communications  its final orbit position is located at 4 degrees west..  to communication customers in the Middle East, Central Eastern Europe, pan Europeans customers…     it is expected to be launched from Cape Canaveral air force station on Space launch complex 40, in Florida……..

SPACE X | Falcon nine first stage reusable does it again for the JCSAT-14………….!


On fifth of May 2016 “SpaceX” did it again with a successful landing on its remote drone barge… After a major launch on sending a communications satellite package payload, the JCSAT-14 into geostationary orbit on which providing intense high quality communications towards the Asian and pacific region in which the JCSAT network is a hive of fifteen in providing that communications by SKY Perfect in partnership with  JSAT Corporation …. During the re-entry its GTO positioning  is subject to unlike easy before this time it’s extremely velocities also the combinations of re-entry burning through back downwards towards with extremely blistering velocity towards the drone ship…

In this we have three views of landing from three sets of cameras with different angles in showing the hard velocities landing in which the theme music for the occasion in which is “ Of Course I still love you.. “ written by Joseph Lee Hooker..