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On 3rd of September 2016 –United States Eastern Date time “Space X” will be launching a five point five Tons AMOS-6 Affordable Modular Optimized Satellite, in which its the main payload of launching a Commercial Satellite in which the AMOS-6 is well intended to be the successor to the AMOS-2.. AMOS-6 is launched into Geostationary Transfer Orbit, in which constructed by IAI- Israel Aerospace Industries …..AMOS-6 will consist of newer technologies than from its sisters, with electric propulsion; in servicing of communications life of 15 years…also it’s the communication satellite extends the servicing networks to its customers of Spacecom, with higher powers, also with larger Ku Band transponders in which leaves room for growth potential in which one aspects of services will provide direct to home, video distribution, broadband internet communications  its final orbit position is located at 4 degrees west..  to communication customers in the Middle East, Central Eastern Europe, pan Europeans customers…     it is expected to be launched from Cape Canaveral air force station on Space launch complex 40, in Florida……..

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