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 “Aren’t you guys a little short to be Stormtroopers?”….. Jyn Erso..

LucasFilms is running a Star Wars Story contest currently at the moment starts off in 30th September 2016 in which you and your friends whom win will go into attention of “A Star Wars Story- Rogue one” also a tour towards LucasFilms in San Francisco in which will be screen on the cinematic large screen… Of your team two minute rouge one premise video.. Also the visit of Rancho Obi-Wan…

In this we see one storyline very smart stop motion clip inspired from Rogue one where the imperials have lost the construction manual instructions of how to build a Death Star in question where a massive search is underway… that’s including Stormtroopers from all sorts of various sizes.. Sent across the galaxy until they went to a Farmers Market in Jedha where Jyn Erso is sent to retrieved the instruction of how to build a Death Star.. Finding it in market place labelled “Top Secret –imperial building instructions”   as finding Diego Luna negotiating for what’s in that labelled case.. Then the chase begins of whom can capture it in a Lara Croft – Indiana Jones type market chase scene with a bit of Death Star Trench run  premise to it…

In this this two minute clip features most of the new installments of merchandising form the film from Lego to Hasbro collaborated with a creative team Tongal and fans featuring the new merchandising …. The contest runs through till 21 October 2016. For more about the GoRogue one contest here..

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