ROCKET LAB – NEW ZEALAND | Launch complex nears construction completion…

During the last recent week of September 2016, a major piece of fifty ton launch complex hardware platform was constructed over the several months in the making of “Rocket-Lab” first static launch complex that was constructed in the  installation New Zealand Mahia Peninsula  in which situated outward looking towards the pacific ocean in between Art Deco Napier and Gisborne.. Making it viable safe for test or actual launching…..

The Rocket Lab static Launch Complex situated in an very unique location in which it gives two options in which it can launch various payload depending of rocket type of design, this case their current flagship the “Electron” Rocket in which can launch at payloads of 150 kilograms into orbital or Geo stationary of 500 Kilometers above Earth,  with its dual rocket stage component systems of first stage having multiple New Zealand home built clustered LOX/RP-Rutherford Engines as for the secondary payload final delivery  stage one mono engine of vacuum engine type…. As the other hulling of the rocket is made of carbon composited

The construction of the Rocket-Lab launch complex is very the same rocket delivery process as the Russian, Sea launch  also of Space X launch complex system where the rocket is deliver horizontally then to vertical positioning for ready for launch in testing in the following months..

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