SPACE X | Falcon nine first stage reusable does it again for the JCSAT-14………….!


On fifth of May 2016 “SpaceX” did it again with a successful landing on its remote drone barge… After a major launch on sending a communications satellite package payload, the JCSAT-14 into geostationary orbit on which providing intense high quality communications towards the Asian and pacific region in which the JCSAT network is a hive of fifteen in providing that communications by SKY Perfect in partnership with  JSAT Corporation …. During the re-entry its GTO positioning  is subject to unlike easy before this time it’s extremely velocities also the combinations of re-entry burning through back downwards towards with extremely blistering velocity towards the drone ship…

In this we have three views of landing from three sets of cameras with different angles in showing the hard velocities landing in which the theme music for the occasion in which is “ Of Course I still love you.. “ written by Joseph Lee Hooker..

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