DOCTOR WHO | The female Doctor- that old relic……………….

Orthough, he’s lost a lot of blood in the process in while he’s in the drowning box, looking at now, thinking pronouncing him, No I can’t have that thinking that back… wait something in my past that could, try save him… Orthough he’s dead. Picking him up like a raggedy man from his ankle..  I dragged him into one of my halls, nearby my study. Having dragging by the pairs of his feet, with his arms following the lead, dragging leaving that wet trail from the pond to inside of the hall, in which bumping his head over the door floor … hearing that feeling that ouch.. So finding a spare couch in the room, then carrying him over the long wooden old Chinese mahogany framed couch that’s been there since the time of the building of this hall was built many hundreds years ago.. , throwing his dolly limping body around till he’s fully rested, well rested on the couch  putting him lifeless body in a resting position and then somewhere around the room there it was an old relic of mine.. looking at that years ago chest  thinking back now what might help now within it…….