DOCTOR WHO | The female Doctor – what Grandfather taught long time ago………………..

The sunrise rays touching that…. Hong Kong 1955 landscape…………..


Having getting into my suit, with placing the helmet on, the visor started lighting up with the language, the characters that I used to know… Then placing those pair of metal rose gold gauntlets on… then I though again of not using the helmet on, then removing the wearable visor that came with it then placing wearing like a pair of glasses, showing all the data on screen.. It’s been awhile since wearing it all those times ago………………Thinking back all those times ago how it first worked it out with my grandfather it was interesting to see how also what this suit can do, in which how grandfather taught me the in’s and out of his suit then it was accustomed to me.. As I wore this now I can sense what abilities he had with it long time ago…. A long time ago where he was known ….  In a place far where self-peace that wasn’t allowed to him, but this time he got his self-peace after all those years…



DOCTOR WHO | The female Doctor- that old relic……………….

Orthough, he’s lost a lot of blood in the process in while he’s in the drowning box, looking at now, thinking pronouncing him, No I can’t have that thinking that back… wait something in my past that could, try save him… Orthough he’s dead. Picking him up like a raggedy man from his ankle..  I dragged him into one of my halls, nearby my study. Having dragging by the pairs of his feet, with his arms following the lead, dragging leaving that wet trail from the pond to inside of the hall, in which bumping his head over the door floor … hearing that feeling that ouch.. So finding a spare couch in the room, then carrying him over the long wooden old Chinese mahogany framed couch that’s been there since the time of the building of this hall was built many hundreds years ago.. , throwing his dolly limping body around till he’s fully rested, well rested on the couch  putting him lifeless body in a resting position and then somewhere around the room there it was an old relic of mine.. looking at that years ago chest  thinking back now what might help now within it…….


DOCTOR WHO | The female Doctor- Galifery is falling..

Walking across that massive bridge towards the underground Citadel’s control room.. where entering that massive room where every station’s Holo display is focusing on damage control from every city of Galifery. In where it’s now basically managing the damage assessment.. trying to repair the damage now.. But what if the cloisters within it is telling me something.. Knowing within it’s the ghostly Ancient parts of Galifery…. Now what if they telling me something that’s I’m missing, Orthough it’s been a very long time since the Cloisters was awaken he came..

Walking through several multiple consoles that monitor the capital also the other larger to smaller cities around Galifery all are experiencing the same thing.. But the outer ones are lesser effect in as the network of cities is a jointed together with a massive underground network … as she looked around the various Holo Monitors city’s control room that displayed in this massive dome hall…  “What are the structural conditions of the outer cities of Galifery…?” as he turn to the other officer whom looking at the other engineering panels… “Not good Madame President … the outer cities are experiencing the same thing but least violent in the magnitude… “Looking at the data in which the Cloisters are ringing “The damage seems very radial in the less as the furthermost of cities.. “  The other officer from the other panel looked in shocked. .” Madame President the Citadel’s glass shielding just shattered. Massive casualties everywhere..    Turning to the tactical and operations of the section of the hall.. “Have the medical on full operations; send them out there now to recover what population is left. Also there might be much regeneration moments that you may encounter, nurtured, treat the ones whom have been injured… “As he turns to her general  … “…..Also place every solider armed fully on the Planet… “Looking at the various screens that displayed massive breaches in and outside in the various cities…. “Where totally Defenseless now. Make sure the soldiers are well armed too…..” looking at the others in the room…” if the Daleks know about this we’re doomed this time.. “Looking at the extend of the massive level of damage around Galifery cities.. it’s like a massive earthquake hit it… like the time where one city has been cratered by an asteroid a long time ago..  Has she saw her general marching out to do search and rescue in a quick haste in assembling the surrounding troops and officers underground and on ground hearing him in the distance.. …



DOCTOR WHO | The Female Doctor – The Citadel…..

As looking over head to that particular barn in the distance off where he lived, also beside been shot by him, looking over in the distance.. Her feet felt a small vibrations from the floor, rumbling in a certain rhythms, then again, then again more as it becomes more intense, the office floor started to show some cracks.. Reaching out bracelet device. In figuring out what’s happening, she turned to the Holo display on her bracelet.. No, she though.  Thinking out loud….” The Cloisters are prematurely activated, but why.. ?” has there been an incident,  walking towards the door way as trying to leave the office room, looking around, the cloisters are almost vibrating to the same structural frequencies of the building superstructure..   .. it also  became clear that the some of the structural integrity of the tower became stressed after a quick scan readings from the bracelet.., something wasn’t right, the Cloisters aren’t meant to ring this hard, unless something major has happen, like that’s somethings out of sync, order in the process of things ..

As she ran out from the office, hearing from one of her officers from the com, ‘something’s not right.. Trenzalore, that town name Christmas has changed, his grave of the Dying Tardis isn’t there anymore.. Including some other’s that’s closed to him, including River Song’s grave… “