Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

That Mid late early morning Hong Kong 1955

Having looking at him, looks like there are several wounds, to his chest… Looks likes those wounds are fatal, touching those wounds, studying it forensically, he was shot by some sort of disrupter weapon, something like a beam that shot through, him only to leave burn holes in his body.. Also there’s something else happen along the way… There’s something not right about him… one question whom is he… why he’s here, what happen to him before that white portal appeared suspended above pond….if you wondering why how I know about disrupter weapons it was long ago.. ?

Judging from the shot wounds, it seems that whoever shot him, they wanted him to die slowly… Really slowly. Noticing his blood stained jacket, shirt proved that his life was running out even the amount of water damage, straining cleaning his blood out like while’s in that box drowning like it’s rinsing the evidence away of what really happen before… but thinking that box of his should tell.. tell what’s going on.. Even though there’s a fragments of life in that Box of his..



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