Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

Looking at the engineering section of the planet, and noticing its planetary engine drive hasn’t’ been used for a long time… “When was Galifery’s engine drive system was used.. “ has she turn to the other engineering officer in that section whom was meant to be station turning out it’s empty with an empty display.. Then one officer points out “that station room has been empty for the last thousand years Madame President…” as she walked towards that room.. “ we Know that the Doctor’s favorite Planet is Earth right…? “ turning to her officers in the grand control room has parts of the ceiling starting peel off dropping large debris randomly on the ground with dust piles everywhere..


“Then let’s fire up those planetary engines ….” As she make haste to that empty console room.. Where among her finest engineers started up the boot command sequences.. as the Holo Screens stared to slowly illuminated the room with the various maps of the Universe and time.. Where they were as the main rounded console lit up before them with the surrounding consoles, like in a clock like arrangement… “ it’s going to take a while to travel to Earth without going through that crack void thing that’s how we got here in the first place….” As she turned to her officers dialing up the multiple paths that avoid any conflicts.. Daleks especially     .” think also the relocation of Galifery in the orbit of Earth but in opposition so we don’t have a slight gravitation attraction to it…Got it” has her officers understood…. “Transfer forty percent of the weapons to the Planetary integrity grid we don’t want to fly Galifery apart…” as the planet’s control room begins to shake..

Moments later, one officer came in from the other control consoles.. Running to the other side where the Madame president is station in, he runs.. With grey news.. Has he collapsed under the weight of his feet.. Collapsing onto the floor..

The Madame President turns to him and raised him up.. Has he’s almost out of breath..  to the one who brought him the bad news… “Madame President..  There’s something you should know, there’s been an unexpected death, and murder.. “As the officer whom trying to gather his breath.. Trying to hold up the tears, looking at the officers tears the officer spoke.. “There’s has been a Murder” .. Madame President eye widely shockingly open in question… , “ whom has been murdered,  whom is dead in the process of this murder.. ?  “ he inquisition softy…” whom  has been murdered.. “

The officer spoken the name of the victim, “the murdered, is known as the Doctor”.. As Madame Steward took hold of the news, her feet buckled, under the weight the news heavily, as one of the mention the Cloister bells rang so hard……..” whom Murdered him…………………………………”



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