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Orthough I miss the DC’s the new 52″ Supergirl”, with an interesting outlook life of how Kara Zor-El, with the brilliant awesome creative innovative direction drawn by Mahmud Asrar…… in the previous new 52, we look at the journey side of how Kara found herself in adapting to life on Earth, finding her cousin after a period of suspended animation for numerous of years travelling from her doom planet Krypton to Earth in finding her then younger cousin Kal- Jor-El aka Clark Kent-Superman..  after crashing awaken in Siberian winter snow then her cousin Kal finds her as he tries of help her out in adapting life on Earth and find her cause in her own way like her cousin.. In the New 52 we learn the backstory of her leaving Krypton with very intense family issues.. Also with her finding herself as well in joining up with the red lanterns and finding herself much stronger than to her cousin in the process….


The new adventures of Supergirl based on DC and CBS collaboration


In the new story line of Supergirl, it’s the televised series in which features Supergirl –Kara (Melissa Benoist) working for CatCo Media and her life in National City, and her adopted family with the Danvers. Issue one is relativity straight forward if you been following the Television series how it picks up from those various points in season one as series writer Sterling Gates explains the series with CBS’s series.. With a new villain in the comic series in hard or in digital format leading up its Facet in Chapter nine we see how that story among intense integrated stories.. among  in which Kara speaks the old Kryptonese like old English which is Shakespearean in which hasn’t’ been seen heard in a while but with Cat Staggs doing the cover work among some brilliant artist contributing it a going to be an addictive read like the New 52 Supergirl…

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