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As the build up to “Star Trek Online” sixth year anniversary also with its third major expansion into the developing major story arc from the Iconian war to the Temporal Front where we explore the Temporal Cold war in which we see intricate details of Daniels investigating the Temporal cold war with Captain Jonathan Archer of the NX-01 on the Enterprise series… This time the major story arc leads to The Original Series era with some of the original cast crew from the series also with other series as well from TOS to Voyager…

Also As this coming fall 2016,  Star Trek Online is coming for the very first time is coming to Console an interesting multiple integrated transition between from PC gaming to Microsoft Xbox one also Sony’s PlayStation four.. In which get to explore the same MMORPG free to play model environment as the PC gaming does with the same gaming intensiveness in creating  their own captain, bridge, away team crew also building up there command of ships as they leveling progress into their story into experiencing  their journey..

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