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#STARTREKONLINE | Escalation- The new Tier one Miranda class StarShip hulling – reconnecting your first love that taught you everything…


Coming soon… On Star Trek Online is the launch of the newly rebuild from the ground up of the Tier six light cruisers- Battlecruiser... In which during that time there’s a update on the hulling work on that very first Starfleet StarShip that you commanded, that that first ship is your first love –Miranda  that taught you everything from the very beginning… within the new update is free as the launch of the Tier Six battle cruiser… in which given that you have the Sixth tier version Reliant Class you can customized as you get a new hulling dressing the type eight also the sixth windows in order to customized the year 2280 retro look..  as part of the update is the introduction of the Saratoga variant parts.. Benjamin Sisko ship from the Borg incursion at Wolf 359 a critical battle in which determine the faith of all quadrants of the United Federation of Planets.. at eight thousand light years away from Earth in the Leo Constellation…. As you customized your first love the Miranda class it’s best to reset the hulling dressing in which to get the new hulling at the shipyards or on your fleet shipyard………… the newly update dress is the original look how it was featured in Star Trek Wrath of Khan.. The simpler sleeker look… Andrew Probert look of the constitution class refit from the motion picture..

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