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On 18 May 2017, from the ESA- European Space Agency is the launch of ESA – Arianespace- Soyuz from the Spaceport, French Guiana (Guiana Space Center) in which this is a very different type of flight due to the carrier launcher due to it’s a heavily modified Soyuz rocket a very different dress construction from its Russian tailoring..  To the modern systems, also the modern style sleeker secondary payload secondary stage…….

The flight is designated as VS17, in which the payload satellite is Boeing SES-16 Geo Stationary Satellite in which it’s the fortieth satellite to be launch by Arianespace….  SES-16 is a GEO -Geo stationary MEO- Medium Earth Orbit telecommunications satellite in which it’ll provide high end quality provisions of communications of internet, networking,  broadcasting content delivery, through Civilian and Governmentally…. Using the ASTRA system platform which provides Direct To Home Television also is a part of the aviation and Marine’s traffic coordination with a Wide Area Augmentation System with the aim of improving integrity accuracy information …  There are several innovative Hybrid designs with the innovative mixture cocktails of   HTS-wide beam coverage with a electric propulsion for orbital manoeuvres..

The orbital location of the VS-17 is located in 129 degrees west… In which give communications extensive stretching provisions coverage, to all of American continent…..

Lift-off is scheduled for Thursday, May 18, 2017 at exactly:

– 07:54:53 a.m., in Washington, D.C.
– 08:54:53 a.m., local time in French Guiana
– 11:54:53 a.m., Universal Time (UTC)
– 01:54:53 p.m., in Luxembourg and Paris
– 02:54:53 p.m., in Moscow

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